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Yoga Tattoo Ideas for Women

Finding Yoga sports very inspiring? Well, then how about some super cute Yoga tattoo ideas that will help you to show what big fan of Yoga you are? In fact Yoga Tattoos are so gorgeous that even those of you who don’t appear to be a fan of Yoga would love to get such tattoo as well!

 Are you ready to check out? Here we present!

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Not only it will look super cute at any part of your body but also signifying fortune this tattoo will show off the sophistication of your body art!

OM Tattoo

Probably the most popular Yoga tattoo is the OM of course most people get this tattoo only because they like the way it looks on the skin. However, the history of the symbol of OM is so rich that exploring it before getting this tattoo will make you even more excited about it.

«Breathe» Tattoo

Considering that one of the most important things to practice while doing Yoga is to breathe right we could not suggest you Yoga tattoos without including a «Breath» tattoo. Moreover, this is a tattoo that will make you to easily fight against stressful days, so why not give it a try?

Hamsa Tattoo

One of the best tattoos to go for if you want to protect yourself from evil karmas appears to be this hand shaped symbol which by the way looks amazing on the skin.

Chakras Tattoo

The points where you have the main sources of energy! Chakras can be the best option to go for if you want to get a tattoo on your back. The reason why they are considered Yoga tattoos is because Yoga exercises help to heal the spirit through these points.

Namaste Tattoo

The word Namaste symbolizes our relationship to everything that surrounds us and is Yoga related as all Yoga exercising programs end with this matra. Inspiring and meaningful, what else does a tattoo need to be in order to be considered a good one?

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