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Best Celeb Tattoos To Get Inspired By

Getting a tattoo isn’t as simple as it seems from the first sight, as whatever you decide to get is for good. So, no matter how sure you are about your decision there is always the question of what tattoo would be best choice for you. So, considering your interests we decided to present to you our list of the best celeb tattoos to get inspired by! Thus, here we go!

Celeb Tattoo #1: Selena Gomez

Roman numerals are very intriguing as they always make people wonder what significance they have. Moreover, roman numerals can look absolutely gorgeous on your skin and easily attract attention. So, go for numbers that have a special meaning to you and get ready to show of a jaw-dropping tattoo inspired by one of your favorite celebs!


Celeb Tattoo #2: Angelina Jolie

For those of you who want to go for something that will leave everyone speechless from the first sight, getting a tattoo just as this impressing tiger tat of Angelina Jolie can be the best option. Although it looks a little bit more painful we think it’s worth it!


Celeb Tattoo #3: Rihanna

The idea of getting a quote that has the ability to give you strength whenever needed is one of the best when it comes to getting a tattoo. For example, this inspiring mirror tattoo of Rihanna can be a creative way to express yourself.


Celeb Tattoo #4: Victoria Beckham

One of the most attractive tattoos among all our beloved celebs! An interesting statement in Hebrew written down her spine saying: “I’m my love’s and my love is mine who browses among the lilies”.


Celeb Tattoo #5: Emma Stone

If you are looking for a source of inspiration that will lead you to the perfect tattoo choice our beloved Emma Stone is a star to be inspired by! As our sources tell us Emma Stone dedicated her tattoo to her mother who recently battled cancer successfully. The tattoo is a blackbird’s foot print inspired by the famous song of Beatles.


Celeb Tattoo #6: Demi Lovato

What we love about our celeb tattoos is that even the spots aren’t selected accidentally. For example anyone who knows the whole story of Demi Lovato will understand why the young star got a tattoo done on her wrists saying: “Stay Strong”.


Celeb Tattoo #7: Megan Fox

One would never disagree that Megan Fox’s tattoos are the best among the best! However, we would like to especially mention the most eye-catching tat of hers. A text that perfectly expresses her feelings.


Celeb Tattoo #8: Leighton Meester

Ok, who would not like to get a gorgeous swallow drawn on the back of her shoulder? A sophisticated tattoo that everyone will admire as it appears to be an impressive artwork!



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