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Beauty in a Bag: To Summarize our Minimized Travel Bags

Makeup bag for traveling

We’ve done a great job at downsizing and finding terrific multi-tasking products!  What a diet we’ve put our travel bags through.  Let’s take a look! Our new and improved makeup bag contains the Eyelite pencil, the concealer pencil or foundation stick, the eyeliner pencil, and the lip and cheek stick or pencil plus a pencil […]

Back into the Arch of Things

Woman tweezing eyebrows.

Perfecting the perfect arch is an absolute must to maximize your eye potential. With the right techniques and tools, any woman can have the luxurious eyebrows they dream about, elevating their overall sex appeal. The following guidelines will help to achieve the right look. Rebuke Bushy Brows When it comes to the heft of your […]

How Honey Can Transform Your Beauty Routine

Honey in a spa setting

Honey can sweeten up your life in many ways when it comes to the food you ingest, but did you know it can also make your beauty routine sweeter too? Honey has many antibacterial and antioxidant properties, making it a great way to rid your body, skin, hair, and everything in between of harmful bacteria […]

Gel vs. Liquid: Which Liner is Right for You

Gel liner and liquid liner on white background

Eyeliner is a staple in every girl’s makeup bag, and though there’s nothing wrong with the time-tested pencil liner, the liquid and gel varieties are a great way to step up your liner game. Gel and liquid are both great alternatives to the pencil, and can be used for different purposes. It might seem like […]

Korean Skin Care and Beauty Straight from a Korean Woman

Young Korean woman with beautiful skin

There seems to be a vast growing interest in America for Korean skin and beauty care these days. While caring for skin has been significant part of Korean culture for quite a while, in America it is a still developing interest. Having beautiful and young looking skin is growing in importance. Dermatologists from all over […]