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Beauty in a Bag: To Clean From Head to Toe

Homemade soap

As any self-proclaimed beauty junkie knows, it can get complicated when we try to fit all of our bath and body necessities into one little Ziploc bag, especially when we are trying to avoid checking a suitcase. This is a quick five-part series designed to reduce how many products you have to travel with and all of them are ways that help take things out of the Ziploc and into your toiletry bag!

Instead of toting along shampoo, body wash, and face cleanser, consider using an all-in-one soap such as the Chagrin Valley Shea Rose Clay or the Chagrin Valley Avocado Oats & Shea. These two are by far my favorite soaps ever. I’ve used them as shampoo, as face cleanser, and as body soap.

But the specific recommendations aside, make sure to choose a natural soap that contains milk and butter so that it is gentle and moisturizing to the skin. Using a harsh soap all over would not do your hair or your skin any favors. Many people recommend Bronner’s liquid soap, but (a) that has to live in the Ziploc and (b) I find it too harsh for me personally.

The nourishing ingredients in natural or organic soaps are much better suited to caring for your skin and hair. With just this first product you’ve eliminated two other items and completely removed all three from the dreaded Ziploc bag. If you tend to take frequent and smaller trips, consider buying a larger bar and slicing it into little slivers that you can take and use up so that you always have a fresh piece waiting for each trip.

Stay tuned for the rest of the list, because after we’re all clean we need to moisturize and beautify!

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