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Exfoliation: Why Is It Important?

Woman getting exfoliation

We apply all of our serums and oils and creams and lotions to our skin on a daily basis. But how can we make sure that we are getting the best results that those products can offer? Surprisingly enough, it has nothing to do with these treatments, and everything to do with exfoliating!

Exfoliation is the process of removing the outermost layers of dead cells from our skin’s surface. That sounds so simple but there are a myriad of products to choose. It is usually an easy step to skip in a routine but it can make such a difference if you are looking for that healthy, radiant glow.

This step is critical in any skin care regimen because it helps reveal the freshest skin our body and complexion have to offer. Once we have removed the build-up of dead or dry skin cells, our treatments and moisturizers can penetrate much more effectively so that we can receive the best benefits. Think of it as undressing before you shower!

The three basic types of exfoliation are physical, chemical, and enzyme. Physical exfoliation includes washcloths, facial brushes, and granular facial scrubs. Chemical exfoliator options can range from alpha-hydroxy acids to vitamin A derivatives to glycolic peels. Enzyme products work similarly to the chemical exfoliators but use natural fruit instead such as pumpkin, pineapple, papaya. The choice is up to you and your skincare preferences or needs.

Do keep in mind that exfoliation is important not just for our face, but for our entire body. The more robust formulas are perfect for the chest or knees or hands.

Stay tuned for the rest of this series to learn more about the types of exfoliators as well as what to do to take care of the fresh new skin!

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