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Beauty in a Bag: To Moisturize All that Beautiful Skin

Natural soap on table surrounded by flower petals

After washing with that all-in-one soap, it is time to moisturize! But again, instead of packing conditioner and face lotion and body cream and hand lotion and eye cream and lip balm, consider reducing that list to just two items. You may doubt this possibility even exists, but let’s take a look at two powerhouse products.

The first item is a solid lotion bar. Personally, I am a fan of the lotion bar at home as well as for travel. You can find them in a huge variety of formulas and scents so there is one for your preferences. In my experience, the bar is best stored in a tin. These bars are typically formulated to melt at normal body temperatures. To apply you can rub it between your palms like soap and then apply the resulting lotion or you can massage the bar directly into your skin. You are using just the top layer when you apply it, so I have found that these last quite a while.

The next item that could replace a host of liquids is a lotion stick such as the Shea Butter Solid Lotion or the Chamomile Lip, Under Eye, and Healing Balm from other Etsy retailers. These are similar to the lotion bar, but differently shaped (some as large as a deodorant and some as small as a lipstick). These are perfect for moisturizing smaller areas. Most of these are made with fabulous anti-aging ingredients, such as argan oil, shea, avocado or cocoa butter, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil. That sounds like something I want to use on my skin every day, not just when I am traveling!

Look how many products we’ve just reduced from your travel bags!

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