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Beauty in a Bag: To Summarize our Minimized Travel Bags

Makeup bag for traveling

We’ve done a great job at downsizing and finding terrific multi-tasking products!  What a diet we’ve put our travel bags through.  Let’s take a look!

Our new and improved makeup bag contains the Eyelite pencil, the concealer pencil or foundation stick, the eyeliner pencil, and the lip and cheek stick or pencil plus a pencil sharpener and a blending sponge.

Our downsized toiletry bag now contains an all-in-one soap, a lotion bar, a lotion stick, an SPF stick, and a deodorant.  I’m sure your main toiletry bag also includes a few other items such as a hair brush and a toothbrush.  Your Ziploc might now only contain toothpaste, contact solution, and extra contacts.

A quick bonus tip!  If there are liquid or gel products that you must travel with but only need a small amount, try decanting the product into a clean contact lens case.  Personally, I do carry one in my Ziploc bag, with one side filled with leave-in hair crème and the other side filled with an SPF BB cream.  I only use a dab of each per day so there is no sense in taking the full bottles, even if they would meet the 3-1-1 requirements.

Obviously, this is in no way a complete list of the toiletries we need to travel with.  We all have those particular items or products that we cannot be without such as medications or a favorite lipstick.  Personally, since I use daily contacts, those always have a priority space in my Ziploc bag.

However these are just a few substitution products or miniaturization tips that can make the process of traveling a little easier!  Let me know what you think and what you would add to or subtract from this list!

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