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Beauty in a Bag: Specialty Products for a Particular Use

Woman applying lip balm

Sometimes multi-tasking products just won’t work for all purposes. Sometimes you do need something specific for a certain use. For example:

  • Sun protection is not available in all products and it should always be a part of your regimen. With the goal of reducing products and liquids, I highly recommend the Shiseido Sun Protection Stick SPF 37. It is portable and perfect for use on the face, lips, and around the eyes.
  • If you are looking for a double-duty product that provides actual makeup coverage, you can try the Shiseido Stick Foundation SPF 37.
  • There are also several powder products that include SPF of at least 15, such as Clinique, Nars, or the famous Bare Minerals. These are all good options, because again, it doubles up the product uses and you do not need to add additional items to your bag.
  • Just a quick personal note, if you are headed somewhere that you expect to have significant sun exposure, you may want to include more sunscreen. I find that it is more than sufficient for daily incidental exposure but for the beach or the ski lift, you might want more.
  • There is one particular product that bears mentioning because we really don’t want to be the person that forgets to pack it — deodorant. With so many stick formulas readily available, do not waste any precious space in that Ziploc for a roll-on liquid deodorant.

Obviously, there are other things that must be included such as Q-Tips or hair bands but there really is not a way to double up or downsize those things. Luckily they are small to begin with! Plus, we’ve done such a great job switching to multi-taskers that there is plenty of space for these necessities.

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