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BB Creams Vs CC Creams: What are the Differences?

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Just to be clear, both a Beauty Balm cream and a Color Corrector cream are basically enhanced tinted moisturizers.  They generally do not offer as much coverage as a regular foundation, but are an excellent alternative if you prefer one-step products, which I do!  They also rarely come in as many shades as a traditional foundation product.

  • A Beauty Balm (BB) usually offers more coverage than the CC and is more focused on skincare ingredients for both prevention and maintenance. They usually come in more of a matte finish, and are heavier on the skin.
  • A Color Corrector (CC) tends to be lighter formulations and more focused on ingredients for concealing existing issues. This option usually contains particles designed to reflect light so a skin brightening effect, and are usually more whipped in texture.

These are just come general guidelines regarding the differences.  Each brand has its own interpretation of these products.  I have tested some CC creams that were matte and heavy while some BB creams turned out to be light and luminous.  Plus, depending on the brand, you can find quite a range and variety of anti-aging or anti-acne ingredients in either one.

Regarding choosing the right one for yourself, it really comes down to a matter of preference, both in the product itself and in the price you can afford.  Just remember, if you are truly looking for an all-in-one product, make sure to choose one with sunscreen!  If not, then it is not an all-in-one!

These products obviously do not offer the same benefits as using a separate serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation, however, they are excellent for casual weekend use or if you prefer not to layer quite that many products on your skin at once.

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