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Pucker Up: Why So Many Lip Products?

Woman trying out lip color

What is it about lip products that is so addictive? Why do so many women own one foundation, perhaps one or two blushes, but almost always seem to have a bagful of lip balms and scrubs and plumpers and sticks and glosses and pencils?

Personally, I suspect it is because it is such a simple way to update your look. Even with your normal everyday eyeshadow and blush, the entire look changes if you add a pink shimmer versus a matte red.

But that is only the difference when you switch colors. What about the other products, such as plumpers or balms or masks? There is an abundance of these types of products lately. Is it just to prepare the lips for color? Yes, that is the primary goal. However, if you have ever had painfully chapped lips, then you know that it is more than just a canvas for color.

We talk and chew and sip and laugh, and since the skin on our lips does not contain the same oil glands as the rest of our skin, they cannot self-lubricate in the same way. They need our attention and assistance to stay soft and moisturized.

  • Scrubs: Lip scrubs help remove the dry flaky bits that can accumulate, especially if you tend to wear long-lasting formulas.
  • Balms: Lip balms help moisturize and protect the delicate skin of our lips, especially when you choose one with sunscreen.
  • Treatments: Plumpers and masks seem to be more popular lately, and why not since we treat our skin to those same luxuries.
  • Color: The end goal is beautiful lips! When we care for our lips the same way we care for our skin, then the color product looks that much better.

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