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Pucker Up: Scrubs and Exfoliators

Woman exfoliating lips

We have discussed the importance of exfoliating everywhere else, so why not take care of our lips the same way? Our lips can build up the same dry flaky bits that our complexion does, so let’s help move those along? There are several options, same with facial exfoliators. I personally like using the physical methods better, but the enzyme options are a great gentle option.

  • Physical Scrubs: These types usually include grainy ingredients to gently buff off flaky bits. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and Sara Happ The Lip Scrub use brown sugar whereas Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub uses sugar as well as almond and walnut shells.
  • Enzyme Products: If you want to use something less gritty, try an enzyme product such as Colorescience Lip Exfoliator. Instead of sugar or shells, it uses a combination of glycolic extras and grapefruit extract to exfoliate and smooth. Beauticontrol Lip Apeel is a terrific duo containing both an exfoliator and a balm in one package. One of the original lip care duos is the Mary Kay Satin Lips Set which contains both a scrub mask and a balm.
  • Do it Yourself: You can always mix your own lip scrub by mixing together sugar and either Vaseline or olive oil. If you want the simplest method of exfoliating your lips, try applying a generous layer of Vaseline to your lips and gently massage with a soft toothbrush or a wet washcloth. In addition to the lip scrub product that I use as part of my weekly facial routine, I also make sure to buff them just a little every night when I wash my face.

Just remember, after any of these exfoliating treatments, do not forget to moisturize to protect and soothe that fresh new skin.

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