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Pucker Up for the Finale

Happy woman with red lipstick and red hair bow

As I have stated before, I have a lip balm addiction, however, that is for a different day.  Today we are looking at color, and there are more options than most of us know what to do with!  While we may stick with the same face and perhaps even eye makeup, lips are typically where we have the most variety in our makeup stash.

  • Lip balms – Whether it is clear or tinted, I almost always have a lip balm of some type within arm’s reach. Tinted lip balms are a great weekend product because they offer a hint of moisturizing color and are easy to reapply on the go.
  • Lip gloss – Probably the second easiest to use. They actually come in a variety of colors so please do not think that this option is simple about a boring nude look.  You can find everything from your-lips-but-better to a vinyl red.  Of course, be a little more conscientious applying that second one!
  • Lipstick – Liquid or stick, shimmer or matte, no matter what it is called, the lipstick provides more opaque and longer-lasting color than the balm or the gloss.
  • Other options – Lip liner and lip stain are excellent additions as well. Lip liner is almost required for bolder lip makeup so that you can keep it within the lines; lip stains are another great tool to have if you want your color to last all day.

So we have put together a basic face routine using approximately five simple products, brushes not included.  Most of us probably have about six must-haves though (brow filler, mascara, eyeshadow, whatever your individual essential might be).  That’s the best part about the makeup bag; instead of letting it define us, use it to define your own personal sense of style.

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