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Pucker Up, Color Color Everywhere

Woman applying lip color

So your lips are exfoliated, moisturized, plumped, and primed — it is time for color! Whether you prefer a bright red stain or a nude pink gloss, this is the fun part.

In a recent article I read, the author was purporting to need One Lipstick. Personally, that sounds lovely in theory but I am not sure that is the solution for everyone. If I’m running to Sunday brunch with my friends, I do not necessarily want to wear the same makeup that I wear to work or to date night. Yes, we might own more makeup products than we should, but I just don’t know about this theory of The One.

Perhaps a slight modification of this concept is doable though:

  • Weekends: Two of the easiest products are tinted lip balms and lip glosses which make them ideal for weekends. A hint of color, a little moisture, and perhaps a slight shine and you are ready to go. So maybe one weekend lip color would work.
  • Weekdays: If you are a stay-at-home mom, your daily makeup routine might look different than the bank controller’s, however, for the most part, our schedules look the same from week to week. So you can add one weekday lip color to the collection.
  • Special Occasions: Whatever that “special” might be to you, you probably want to look a little fancier than your grocery store run or your staff meeting. So add to your collection something different and unexpected such as the wine stain or a matte red pencil.

So this Valentine’s Day, make sure your lips are primed and pucker-ready and go kiss a loved one — your daughter, your tabby cat, your mom, or your significant other. It’s all love with the right heart!

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