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Voguish Short Hairstyles for Summer

Short hairstyles are especially best in summer, when you do everything to get rid of your long hair and not to sweat out. Besides, you will surely have a stylish look while experimenting with short hairstyles. Here are some voguish short hairstyles for summer. Pixie Hairstyles Pixie is one of the most recommendable short hairstyles […]

Stylish DIY Boots for Women

DIY fashion provides endless ideas for always standing out in the crowd. Here you are provided with several chic DIY boots for women that will make your cold season styling even more smashing. In this list, each woman may easily find nice boots suiting her taste, no matter whether you are for boho or classic […]

Tips to Get the Body of Your Dreams

When you start thinking about losing weight you imagine absence of your favorite foods, the state of forever hungriness and exercises all day long! This is the reason that many of you can’t start the diet or make some restrictions about your daily meal. These tips to get the body of your dreams will help […]

Creative Ideas for a Romantic Atmosphere

Creative Ideas for a Romantic Atmosphere

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, you should consider several essential factors, such as place, weather and time. Options are endless and in case you lack ideas, here we present several creative ideas for a romantic atmosphere. Romantic Musical Atmosphere One of the best ideas to create a romantic atmosphere is music. Choose […]

Cool Metallic Makeup Looks that Suit Everyone

Metallic makeup is considered the trend of 2013. Many celebrities rock cool metallic makeup. So, how to wear metallic makeup in order to have a fantastic look? Follow up our easy makeup tips and get inspired! Copper Makeup Copper metallic makeup will perfectly go with your golden skin. You may apply it onto your eyes, […]

Punk Rock Hairstyles for Fall 2013

Making a real revolution in the fashion world, punk hairstyles made their boost in the 70’s, when they came to replace the longhair hippie look and the usually elaborate 1970s rock hairstyles. Punk culture nowadays is one of the biggest sources of inspiration, especially when it comes to daring, bold looks. And for fall 2013, […]

Kate Spade x Keds Fall 2013 Sneakers

Ok young fashionistas get ready to enjoy the exciting news! Two beloved fashion giants, Kate Spade and Keds are collaborating for the second time and this time seem to be more promising! After the successful spring line, the two labels decided to go further and came up with the adorable, Kate Spade x Keds sneakers […]