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Pajama Dressing Trend for Fall 2013

Pajama fashion trend became again popular after the first success in Hollywood movies, such as Pulp Fiction. And those pajamas have a few reasons to be loved. Firstly, you get a chance to wear your pair of favorite pajamas off your bedroom and even off your house. Next, they do look amazingly beautiful with figures […]

Rihanna Long Hairstyles

Everybody admires Rihanna’s hairstyles. She is one of those singers that always look for changes. You may see her both in long and short hairstyles. She experiments with asymmetric haircuts, chic braids and long curly hair. She is also famous for her various hair tones: black, red or blond. Since she is a great muse […]

Dior Fall 2013 Rouge Dior Makeup Collection

There is no doubt that this fall will be as colorful as never before thanks to our beloved designers’ stunning works! And this time we would like to focus your attention on the Dior fall 2013 Rouge Dior makeup collection, which seems to have brought out another passionate side of the upcoming season. It isn’t […]

The Trend of Chokers for Fall 2013

Accessories are always the main highlight for the fall/winter 2013 season. It’s kind of hard to imagine a lineup without an abundance of necklaces, as those are the statement accessories of the season. Usually the bold style is being brightened with a necklace of your choice. The line of fashionable options for the upcoming fall […]

Illamasqua The Sacred Hour Fall 2013 Makeup Collection

Get ready for a new inspiration that will totally change your makeup style! The new Illamasqua The Sacred Hour fall 2013 makeup collection will help you to create an artistic look that perfectly will add an extra sensuality to your overall appearance. Take a closer look at the products that will help you bring out […]

Slimming Smoothies by Dr. Oz

Longing for having your dream body? That’s not impossible, if you stick to Dr. Oz slimming smoothies! They are a full package of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are abundant with vitamins for losing weight. Dr. Oz’s slimming smoothies are just a big cut of all those ingredients, which are terrifically easy to love! Let’s […]

Tips for Contouring and Highlighting Dark Skin

One of the most popular makeup techniques is contouring. Contouring makeup is all about enhancing or exaggerating your features. You may find it hard to use these techniques at first, but once you try them you’ll get convinced how it’s easy to master. Contouring makeup especially looks great on darker skin, which is one of […]

Blugirl Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Campaign

We are glad to announce that the new Blugirl fall/winter 2013-2014 campaign has beenlaunched! The label this time shows a new romantic point of view of fashion and comes up with stunning pieces that will perfectly embellish your look during the cold season. With Jemma Baines presenting the new fab ensembles for fall/winter 2013, this […]