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Tips to Avoid Makeup Meltdowns

Maybe you spend hours on creating an ideal makeup look. You want to look fantastic, that’s why each detail is very essential for you. You spend much time on looking for the best lipstick, blushes or eye shadows, trying to cover any blemishes and skin imperfections with the help of the right foundation for your […]

Hello Kitty Nail Art Ideas

Hello Kitty nail art designs are perhaps them most demanded ones among young fashionistas, who love to look cute, flirty and fun anytime. There are a myriad of Hello Kitty inspired nail art ideas for any mood and style, yet they are all described by one funky cartoon character, the most famous feline in the […]

Summer Cleanse Smoothie Recipes

Summer seems to be the best time to make smoothies, you just add a little bit of ice and enjoy! Here we will present smoothie recipes from Dr. Caroline Apovian, author of The Overnight Diet, which will help you look gorgeous all the summer long, in flattering clothes. This will be a professional approach for […]

Lovely Summer Hairstyles for Teens

Summer requires not only special makeup tips, but also lovely hairstyles that will make you look cute and comfy at the same time. So explore fashion world and get informed about the most adorable summer hairstyles for teens! Get some cool ideas that will enrich your look and bring you to the center of attention […]

How to Choose the Best Foundation Shade for Your Skin Tone

Choosing the right foundation is one of the hardest duties for a lady, in fact, many of us even after trying hard to find the perfect tone still stick with the one that doesn’t match perfectly with our skin tone. Of course, usually you choose a foundation based on your undertone but if you don’t […]

Delicious Milkshake Recipes

These delicious milkshake recipes are recommended for organizing super-sweet parties. Your guests will be stunned. Their creamy and unique taste will long stay in your mouth, making you prepare such yummy drinks over and over again. Let’s try making the following delicious milkshakes, as they are fun and easy to prepare! Cream Milkshake Recipe How […]

Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Color Fall 2013 Collection

Fall 2013 brings the stunning Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau weightless lip color collection featuring 15 tempting lipstick shades. Here a new and perfected formula is introduced. The bets thing about the Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau weightless lip color fall 2013 makeup line is the versatility and trendiness, so you can be sure to find the […]