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Brown Hair with Pink Highlights

Most of us experienced having pink hair highlights in school pretending to be a princess or mermaid. Well, the school years are gone, and the trend is getting more serious. A long list of celebrities has already turned up this trend rocking pink highlights with brown hair.  This candy-color is eye-catchy and really sensational. Brown hair with pink highlights is ideal for girls, who love to be in the center of attention and who strive to look like trendsetters!

You can choose between semi, demi and temporary hair dyes available in the stores. And it’s up to you to choose the product that fits your best. You can either try out permanent dye or look for a temporary option which will give you a chance to have the feel of the candy crush. This vivid and bright color will add mood to your hair and refresh your look.

Pink Hair Highlights with Alterna

Alterna is one of the easiest ways to achieve pink hair highlights on your hair. This is a temporary dye and can be used to get the style for a special occasion. It takes just a few minutes for the dye to dry on your hair. It stays for quite a while and doesn’t get off even when brushing hair. The powder has natural components and thus it’s ideal for those, who have allergy on chemical products. In addition, it looks rather natural having haute pink coloring. It stays before shampooing hair turning into an ideal option for a party hairdo.

Pink Hair Highlights with Hair Color Chalk

Chalk is still the most popular choice among the temporary dying options. There are various types of it. The good news is that those are really simple in use. And you do not need to visit a salon to create the highlights.  You just need to rub it over hair and there you go.  The hair will keep the colorful highlights up to two days before you wash it.

Pink Hair Highlights with Manic Panic Dye Hard

For those who are in favor with temporary hair dyes in gel form, this is just a perfect product to try. Squeezing the tube and applying it to sections of hair you will get ideal pink colored parts. Neon pink is the best pick for the brown hair. Party people will definitely value the fact that the dyed hair will glow in the dark.

Pink Hair Highlights Manic Panic Semi-Permanent

Cotton Candy and Hot Pink are the color picks of these series for the hot chocolate hair styles. The dye looks especially great with lighter brown hair, so if you have darker hair it’s advised to have them pre-lightened in advance. The dye lasts from 4 up to 6 weeks and washes away gradually with shampooing.

And if you want the temporary hair dye to last for a few more weeks, you can add cool water and vinegar mixture. Before washing off your dyed hair, you need to apply the mixture of a single cup of cool water and half a cup of vinegar to your hair. Then you need to leave it for about 3-5 minutes.

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