Silver Gray Hair Color Tips

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They say silver gray hair makes girls and women look older than they are. Well, that’s a bit relative as now the most inspirational celebrities have silver gray hair and look no less amazing! So, let’s discover silver gray hair color tips and inspiration from the best ones!

Silver Gray Hair Color Tips

 Rihanna is one of the daring celebrities that has just gone gray and agree that it looks amazing! Rihanna has combined the trendiest ombre hair with her new gray color, which goes to silver at the ends. A good version to try!

 Extravagant Lady Gaga couldn’t be omitted from this list! Once she appeared in a meat dress during 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and shocked everybody! There also she presented her gray hair, which went light blue at the ends. She seems to be a lover of silver gray hair, as she has rocked this hair color multiple times, every time in a trendier manner.

Silver Gray Hair Color Tips

 Pink dyed her hair gray in 2010! Unlike the previous hair colors of Pink, this color gave space to experiment in makeup and accessories!

 Kate Moss is a style icon for many women and girls, whatever she does looks really gorgeous! She doesn’t have to dye her hair, as it is in born, she just lets her natural gray grow and make a contrast with her blonde look. Looks a bit messy but cool!

Silver Gray Hair Color Tips

 If you remember, once Kelly Osbourne had fully gray hair, and then she shifted to purple. If you look like her, you may compare these fundamental changes and make a choice for you!

 Sky Ferreira also follows the latest trends, since she decided to rock ombre hair in gray-to-blonde colors. A nice touch of bold red lipstick makes her look mysterious and unusual.

 That’s pretty proper here as we will speak about Miley Cyrus, who changed her whole style and amazed many of us this year! At first sight, this color seems to be blue-gray silver, but as Miley says it’s just platinum!

 Don’t be afraid to change something in your appearance! Be daring and let these silver gray hair tips become inspiration source for you, for big changes!

Silver Gray Hair Color Tips

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