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Nail Art Designs for the 31 Days of the Month

Do you want to steal attention with your look for every single day in a month? Read below and get some crazy ideas that will become a big source of inspiration that will help you enrich your look every time in a new way! Expand your nail art skills and impress everyone with your talent thanks to these gorgeous nail art designs! Have a nosey at the stylish nail art designs for the 31 days of the month and get inspired!


Of course, the hardest part about the 31 day nail art challenge is the one of getting used to taking off your manicures every day, but only the idea of getting a new, creative nail design on works as a great motivation! Thus to begin the fun part make sure you have enough colorful nail polishes, if not then make a quick update before you start. What you have to do next is divide 31 days into categories in order to make your work easier. Name the categories according to the source of inspiration of the nail design that you will go for. For example, you can start with combining different bright colors each day for ten days and name this category “color inspiration”.

Then you can do the same, but this time with patterns and later use mixed ideas. Now, if you are very excited to try this out but you don’t have any clue how to make it reality, don’t worry. You can start by simply playing with colors for the first couple days and once you see that you’ve improved your nail art skill, go ahead and try designing patterns. In fact, there are various patterns to go for from polka dots and half moons to romantic flower prints. Now, for the last days of the month try to go for a bolder nail art, which can be inspired by anything like an artwork, a book, a song or even by a flag!

For the last day of the month, once you’ve tried all the amazing nail art that you could imagine, recreate the one that you liked the most, match it with your entire look and get ready to hear some compliments!


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