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Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin

Young woman with silky smooth straight hair

If you already have a perfectly tanned skin, don’t think that it’s the top of having gorgeous look, you need to pay attention to your hair color as well. Having sun-kissed skin just makes you change some things in your beauty routine; it requires special colors in everything, even for hair! Tans may appear in […]

Refreshing Summer Cocktails Recipes

What best describes summer are definitely refreshing cocktails that you want to sip without a stop to calm down the heat and enjoy the sun. Since making cocktails is so creative, we decided to present you some refreshing summer cocktail recipes that will definitely help you see your summer months in fun. Take a look […]

Best Nail Art Ideas and Nail Polish Colors for Tan Skin

It’s strongly recommendable to match your nail color with your skin tone. Only in this case your nails will have a gorgeous look. Here are the best nail art ideas and nail polish colors for tan skin. Nail Polish Colors for Tan Skin To make your nails outstanding, you should go for an opaque white […]

Escada Fall 2013 Campaign

Here we present the new worth-checking Escada fall 2013 campaign! The luxury label this time comes up with fab classy options that will enrich your look and boost up your mood during cold seasons. So get ready to check out and fall in love with modern outfits with a timeless classy allure that Escada offers […]

Smoothies for Perfect Skin

Have you ever thought about products for perfect skin special for summer? You may enjoy delicious drinks, get refreshed and at the same time contribute to your skin greatly! These smashing smoothie recipes perfect for skin will release you from the trouble of skipping drinking your favorite drinks, just vise versa, they will provide you […]