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How to Choose the Best Foundation Shade for Your Skin Tone

Choosing the right foundation is one of the hardest duties for a lady, in fact, many of us even after trying hard to find the perfect tone still stick with the one that doesn’t match perfectly with our skin tone. Of course, usually you choose a foundation based on your undertone but if you don’t know what your undertone is, things get a bit harder.
Thus what you need to know first is that foundations usually come for three undertone types: “cool”, “neutral” and “warm.” Of course, your undertone can be somewhere in between for example, “neutral-warm.” So what you have to do is figure out what’s your undertone. Read our makeup tips and find out some useful techniques that will help you choose the perfect foundation for your skin tone.

Best Foundation for Cool Undertone

Check the veins on your wrist and see if they appear to be purple or blue, then check your skin color while you are outside in the sun, if it seems bluish, then you have a “cool” undertone. Moreover, to get convinced, better make sure that silver jewelry flatters better your skin than gold.

Best Foundation for Neutral Undertone

If the veins on your wrist are blue-green, your skin appears greenish when you look at it in the sun, then your undertone is neutral. Also if your skin looks good both wearing silver and gold jewelry, then there shouldn’t be a doubt.

Best Foundation for Warm Undertone

The veins on your wrist are green or olive, moreover if you look at your skin, while you are outside in the sun and it appears yellowish, then you have a warm undertone. In fact, check it out with the help of jewelry: if gold flatters your skin more than silver, then definitely you belong to the warm undertone category.
Before you try the foundation on, make sure your skin is clean. We recommend exfoliating and moisturizing your skin before applying the foundation. Also make sure you test the color in good lighting so that you’ll see how exactly it looks on you.
As you finally have found out your skin undertone, you already know which is the best foundation for your skin tone! Now, go to get it and you’ll be stunned at the brilliant results you see!

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