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Side-Swept Faux Fringes for Fall 2013

Two women with side-swept faux fringe hairstyle

Bangs and fringes have always been trendy and chic. Fall 2013 also offers us side-swept fringes. As many girls are afraid of changes or don’t have enough courage to cut a fringe, we will offer you faux fringes for fall 2013. You just have to make some part of your hair sweep to one side.
Side-swept faux bangs will perfectly go with many stylish hairstyles, such as chignon, and ponytail. Fringe will also make your large forehead look smaller.

Side-Swept Faux Fringes for Fall 2013

Simple Side Bangs

Fall 2013 offers simple side fringes for women. When paired with an up-do, it will provide you a tomboyish look. But you may also create a feminine look just by making your hair sweep to one side and adjusting it with a bobby pin. For a complete finish you should use a serum.
To create a vintage look, you may cut your hair a bit for texture. In this case you had better have a thick fringe.

Wavy Faux Side Fringe

Dries Van Noten experimented with a wavy faux side fringe. Models looked great in this new hairstyle. Besides, it made their face form look softer. The total effect was fantastic.

Wet Faux Fringe

Marni appeared in a new hairstyle. She tried a wet look faux fringe, which provided her models with a mysterious and a little untidy look.
Reem Arca tried a slick chignon with a wet look faux fringe. Models looked fantastic in this fresh hairstyle.

Each girl and woman may try any of these fabulous faux fringes and look trendy for fall 2013.

Side-Swept Faux Fringes for Fall 2013

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