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Tips to Avoid Makeup Meltdowns

Maybe you spend hours on creating an ideal makeup look. You want to look fantastic, that’s why each detail is very essential for you. You spend much time on looking for the best lipstick, blushes or eye shadows, trying to cover any blemishes and skin imperfections with the help of the right foundation for your skin tone. But you get disappointed when you find out that your makeup melts. Here we come up with easy tips to avoid makeup meltdowns.

Never Forget the Primer

You are advised to apply primer on your face, as it will help your makeup stay in place. It will serve as a protective layer and will not let your makeup melt.

Use Ice Cubes

You had better apply ice cubes on your face. Wait until it dries and then use your makeup. Ice will prevent your makeup from melting and will also cover the pores.

Keep Your Makeup Simple

Avoid using too much makeup, as it will be one of the reasons of makeup meltdowns. Go for light products. Apply light highlighter, light shades, light blush on your face.

Choose Waterproof Formulas

One of the effective tips to avoid makeup meltdowns is applying products with waterproof formulas. Choose waterproof eyeliner or mascara. You will be able to get waterproof cosmetics, as well. They will help you to have a perfect look.

Avoid Oily Products

If you don’t want your makeup to flow, you should avoid using products full of oil. Apply moisturizer and foundation that don’t contain oil, as your skin will have a greasy look.

Stay Away from Liquid Cosmetics

Try not to buy liquid cosmetics, as they will enhance the melting process of your makeup. Don’t apply liquid eyeliners especially in humid weather.

Carry Blotting Papers

It is a necessity to have blotting papers at hand. Each time you sweat, you should use these fantastic papers. They will surely help you to keep your fantastic look.

You are provided with the mentioned above tips, which will help you avoid makeup meltdowns. Follow them and have a fresh look throughout the entire day!

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