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Flirty Summer Nail Art Designs

When summer is on, you think that you have a lack of something, you always search, you always explore trying to find something missing! You can’t change your wardrobe every week; you can’t afford new jewelry every day so what to do? Here flirty summer nail art designs are a real help for you to freshen up your look and make it trendy everyday! We have collected the best nail art designs, which will complete your look for the rest of your flirty summer!

Neon Nails

It’s not surprising that this list opens neon nail art! It’s everywhere, in so many applications and presentation! When it comes to neon nail art it should be done with the right choice of colors, like pink and green, or orange and yellow. Actually you are free to choose colors but try to make suitable mixtures as neon catches attention at once!

Tri-Hard Nails

French with white color is very classical one, now it’s time to experiment! Two color nail designs are very trendy especially if they have graphic shapes, like triangles combined with sharp angles! Go beyond the borders and mix hues like yellow with green or bold blue! That would be really catching!

Comic Book Colored Nails

We always speak about two colors, but what about three? Yes, even three colors may be fashionable and what is the most important very tasteful. So, separate two shades with a stark black line that gives the whole nail art a complete and cool look. And what color to choose between the black lines depends on your preferences!

Dotted Nails

Doing dots is not an innovation but you may change the colors and that may become something new for you! Actually they always look pretty; you may create a nice or bold look! It depends on the colors you use for undertone and the other colors for dots!

Metal Nails

This we may call real innovation! This year metal elements are really trendy but when they appear on nails, they become an exceptional addition! With metal you may do everything, you can use it for all fingers or just on one for an accent! Here you may even wear totally different metallic color on every finger, and that would look just shocking!

Here are the best nail art designs for this flirty summer! The only thing that is left to do is to be daring enough to try all of them and choose the best of the bests!

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