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Gorgeous Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde hair color has become an inspiration for many girls for changing their style and overall look! Many celebrities also go for blonde and it has become their key of charm! So let’s look through some gorgeous blonde hair color ideas from the beautiful and stylish girls ever!

Lauren Conrad Blonde Hair

Lauren Conrad has chosen honey blonde hair color that makes her very flattering and underlines her facial features. So she can definitely be a stunning source of inspiration.

Kate Hudson Blonde Hair

Kate Hudson found a perfect way to outline her tan skin with sunny blond hair with a bit of darker shades at the ends.

Gwen Stefani Blonde Hair

Gwen Stefani is like a platinum look icon! She is amazing with this blond shade and it’s hard to imagine her without this style!

Beyonce Blonde Hair

Beyonce’s hair can’t stay without the attention of million girls! It is so light and the sandy blonde color gives it a specific charm!

Amanda Seyfried Blonde Hair

Amanda Seyfried is like dipped in our mind with her wavy blonde hair that is always admirable and that has a gorgeous shine on!

Julianne Hough Bonde Hair

Julianne Hough has given her hair a very stylish look by growing hair roots so creating some messy look, which looks amazing especially with short-cut hair!

Blake Lively Blonde Hair

Blake Lively shows her blonde hair through a braid, which makes the hair look even thicker and more alluring!

Michelle Williams Blonde Hair

Michelle Williams’ hair color is not an ordinary blonde, it has shades, which are not so vivid but give the hair-color a specific effect!

January Jones Blonde Hair

January Jones underlines her butter blonde hair with light blush and pink lipstick, which don’t mess with the hair color, but just underline its beauty!

Naomi Watts Blonde Hair

Naomi Watts’ blonde hair color is always pretty with the hairstyles that she creates! They show off blonde’s entire beauty and the red lipstick that she applies to make the look perfect.

Gwyneth Paltrow Blonde Hair

Gwyneth Paltrow has such bright blonde hair that just looking at her, you can’t imagine her without this color! She is one of the few celebrities that have found a color the suits their style the best!

Scarlett Johansson Blonde Hair

Scarlett Johansson owns a sandy blonde hair color, which has become her signature! Undoubtedly it looks perfect with her skin tone!

Sienna Miller Blonde Hair

Sienna Miller’s blonde hair is so rich and so soft in color! It has light highlights at the ends, which look so messy and open up her face!

Miley Cyrus Blonde Hair

Miley Cyrus’s radical style changes have become an inspiration for many girls! Her platinum-colored blonde hair just completes her new and original style!

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