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Pajama Dressing Trend for Fall 2013

Pajama fashion trend became again popular after the first success in Hollywood movies, such as Pulp Fiction. And those pajamas have a few reasons to be loved. Firstly, you get a chance to wear your pair of favorite pajamas off your bedroom and even off your house. Next, they do look amazingly beautiful with figures of all types and so you don’t really have to worry about your appearance. In some cases they do even add some inches to your height due to the higher waist. In addition, they always come with feminine prints and patterns and soft materials making you feel amazingly comfortable wearing them. And finally you can wear them both when doing sports or just having a walk with a dog or going to your office.

The pajama dressing trend gets more popular with the upcoming fall season. Most of the top designers have a piece of it to offer. Rocha, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and even male clothing lines such as Zegna have pajamas involved in their collections.

Silky Pajamas

Silk has always been considered to be the most feminine material of all. This is why it costs quite a lot. But the feel and look of it definitely pay off. The one piece silk pajamas look as trendy as nothing else. You can wear it plain making sure the pajama refers to a mini dress style just like Marc Jacobs introduces for their FW13 collection. Another option will be combining a longer silk pajama with a longer wooden jacket or coat, just like in the Louis Vuitton FW13 collection. You will not believe it but Marc Jacobs himself wore different pairs of pajamas when having his LV and MC collections demonstrated for different shows. This sexy, mysterious and glossy style is something worth a try.

Sleepwear and Clothing Combination

The style is amazingly popular among the supermodels and Hollywood celebrities, such as Vanessa Hudgens and Gwen Stefani. They just love those loose pants combined with wedges and high heels. The print pattern follows the trends of the year. If last year it was more about ethnic prints, then now we have those amazingly soft flowers back. But in contrast to summer light and airy colors, the fall collections are mostly full of darker background flower prints. You can combine them with strict bold color tops.
You can try out creating the opposite style of combing pajama top with a skirt. The material of the skirt should be chosen rather carefully. It will be great to use the combination of silk pajama top and woven skirt. This will not look extravagant, but will totally fall in winter collection mood.

And there’s a third option of having two-piece pajamas combined with bold color tops. Here you will need to add accessories and make sure to match the color palette. As a basic choice you can use shoes, top and bag of the same bold color and printed pair of pajamas. To remove that ready to bed cliché, you can try using a belt with your combination. This style is frequently adopted by Rihanna.

Still there are various fashion tips you do need to remember when wearing pajamas outside of your room. It’s important to combine them with high heel shoes. The choice should always stop on soft and classy materials such as silk. Important! Never go for jersey or cotton pair of pajamas or you’ll look simply outdated. And always have at least a piece of clothing with pajamas. This can be the top or the bottom. Sometimes you can wear full pajama suit but here you need to be combined it with a pair of bright accessories.
And never forget about the hair and makeup. The messy hair will resemble bed time, so try to do an elegant hairdo or some kind of interesting hairstyle that looks fresh and stylish.

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