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Gorgeous Top Knot Hairstyles to Try

We, girls, have special talent to put our hair up and create stylish top knot hairstyles! So easily and so effortless! But what about giving some accurate line to our top knots? These tips will make your gorgeous top knot hairstyles not just home-weary, but also very nice to have them out! Well, be attentive, we are starting!

Twist Tie Top Knot

This twist tie looks so classic and elegant! You may have it with both casual and classical outfits! It looks more polished and accurate, it’s like you are not from hair saloon but it is also not like you have just put your hair up and fixed it. Do it easily with these steps:
• Brush your hair and bring it together. Make a ponytail and fix it with a thick pony holder. Before fixing, brush the hair once again holding the ponytail in order to accurate all the crowns. It’s important to secure the ponytail as high as it is possible.
• Apply a bit of hair fixer to your ponytail and start twisting it. Make it dime-shaped and bring it near to your face.
• Hold the base of your ponytail and wrap the tail around it.
• Holding the end of the ponytail, bring it to the center and tie it into a knot.
• Secure the knot with bobby pins. If you have thick hair you will need some more pins to secure.
• For the end just fix the top knot with a gel or smoothen with your hands the area from hair to knot. That’s it!

Braided Top Knot

Another fantastically easy top knot for you is the braided one! Braids are always up-to-the-minute. Braided top knot looks so accurate and gorgeous! Let’s try it by steps:
• Brush your hair very well to have it flawless. Apply a gel or a fixer if necessary. Make a high ponytail and secure it! Before securing, brush the pony tail again and open the hair thoroughly.
• Divide the ponytail into two parts.
• Start braiding each of them till the end of the ponytail. Make the simplest three-strand plaits. Secure the ends, when you are done with them!
• Hold the base of your ponytail with one hand and use the other one to roll the two braids. Wrap them around the ponytail base!
• At the end, secure the braided top knot with bobby pins. It’s better to have more bobby pins to have it strongly secured! And that’s all.

Top Knots with a Scarf

This top knot is created with the use of a hair accessory and here we will use a small and simple scarf. The scarf will give you a chance to show off your taste and the level of boldness! Well, the steps are as follows:
• Give some volume to your hair for it to look thicker. Use sprays or absorb oil, whatever works best on your hair! No brush is used here, you should comb the hair with your fingers to have a messy look!
• Make a ponytail and leave the last wrap undone. Pull out some three or four inches of hair from the ponytail.
• Take the ending of the loose hair-part and roll it over the bun!
• You should get a knot with a messy look, secure it with bobby pins and for making it even messier take some hair out using a thin brush!
• Time to add the scarf! Starting from the back bring it near to your forehead wrapped. Then wrapping it, take it back and secure. You may bring it back and secure it on the top, which will look be even more gorgeous!

Top knots are really amazing! Let’s confess that, we all need such gorgeous top knot hairstyles these hot summer days! Now, it’s high time to try them!

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