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Do You Prefer Gold or Silver Jewelry?

Woman wearing silver jewelry

Do you wear strictly gold toned jewelry or silver toned jewelry?  Or do you prefer to mix it up?  Personally, I stick with silver tones or pearls.  I think I have one bronze-toned necklace at home but it does not get worn all that often. Gold – Traditionally, warm skin tones are advised to wear […]

Best Jewelry Options for People With Metal Allergies

Dealing with metal allergies becomes very frustrating especially when you want to accessorize your look but you realize that there are not many options to go for all because of your allergy. Considering that we decided to present to you a small list of the best jewelry options for people with allergies! Thus, take a […]

The Trend of Chokers for Fall 2013

Accessories are always the main highlight for the fall/winter 2013 season. It’s kind of hard to imagine a lineup without an abundance of necklaces, as those are the statement accessories of the season. Usually the bold style is being brightened with a necklace of your choice. The line of fashionable options for the upcoming fall […]