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Do You Prefer Gold or Silver Jewelry?

Woman wearing silver jewelry

Do you wear strictly gold toned jewelry or silver toned jewelry?  Or do you prefer to mix it up?  Personally, I stick with silver tones or pearls.  I think I have one bronze-toned necklace at home but it does not get worn all that often.

  • Gold – Traditionally, warm skin tones are advised to wear gold-toned jewelry. Personally, I believe that gold jewelry brings out more yellow in my skin which is not a look I typically go for.
  • Silver – In the opposite manner, cool skin tones are usually advised to choose silver-tones jewelry. Silver highlights my skin tone better and I gravitate towards those pieces.
  • Mixed – You can mix it up in your overall wardrobe as well as any individual look! This also works for skin tones that fall into a more neutral undertone.  Just remember that if you choose to wear both, keep them all simple or the entire look can be overwhelming.  There are also some beautiful individual pieces that feature both metals.

Whether you are picking blouse colors or a new necklace, I truly believe that we are drawn to the colors that look best on us.  You will never catch me eyeing an orange blouse but I will inevitably be drawn to almost any shade of blue or purple.  Same with the jewelry – occasionally I will look at a gold necklace but I inevitably will pick the silver option if there is one.

By the way, keep the undertones in mind when you are picking stones or pearls as well.  These items also have undertones of their own and choosing the right one will flatter your skin much better.

Another aspect of streamlining your jewelry collection along with your wardrobe is that almost everything will go with almost everything!

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