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The Trend of Chokers for Fall 2013

Accessories are always the main highlight for the fall/winter 2013 season. It’s kind of hard to imagine a lineup without an abundance of necklaces, as those are the statement accessories of the season. Usually the bold style is being brightened with a necklace of your choice. The line of fashionable options for the upcoming fall season ranges for drama queen cute small necklaces up to maximalist approaches pushing up the volume. Choker necklaces of all kind are the most appealing feature of the season. Discover the trend of chokers for fall 2013 and get ready to dazzle with your bold appearance!

Chain Chokers

The jewelry style of chains appearing with the last few collections of Chanel has now moved from the shoulder (bags) to the neck part. Chanel latest collection demonstrates chain chokers combined with classical style elegant dresses and suits. Lanvin collection is also rich in chains. Though they do not stop with statement golden chain necklaces but decided to combine it with various brooches. In addition, Michael Kors uses those XXL chain necklaces combining them with fur and tweed. Simple, elegant and trendy!

Chokers with a Minimalistic Approach

Celine came up with the most ecological approach of this year. They proposed a collection of minimalistic choker necklaces. Combination of a pullover or warm sweater with a single small multi-color stone looks like a total must for the fall and winter season. Some of the other designers came up with more of simple approaches of bold accessories worn over suits using this versatile model for more sophisticated looks. Gucci also brought this approach offering bold color and elegant necklaces made of only diamonds. But that sounds pretty expensive, doesn’t it?

Maxi-Color Chokers

Oscar de la Renta always looks for something bigger to offer to their audience. And this time the accent is put on the necklaces. And that oversize maximalist approach is actually shared with the intense accent of the necklace colors. Big bright and eye-catchy accessories with bold color clothing, this is all you need to have to brighten your rainy fall days. Bright gems and oversized necklaces with a small choker detail are visible among the top collections.

Ethno Printed Chokers

Tribal chokers from Donna Karen will be especially appealing for those fashionistas who love the safari color range and plan to stick with it for the upcoming season. The designer came up with a line of amazingly beautiful ethnic necklaces of darker shades of chocolate. The complex design of the necklaces is slightly smoothed with the bold color shade.

Punk Chokers

Jean Paul Gaultier could not stop from adopting his favorite Goth style to the necklaces. The extravagant hairstyles, lots of punk engraved accessories and one-side earrings; the collection of the famous designer is just astonishing. You can also use these style necklaces with skirts for a more feminine look.

Chokers with Center Strip

The Crosses, which used to be popular for the last few season, are now more detectable on t-shirts and the trend is shifted from crosses to center stripped chokers. Usually those are more of metal approach pieces and require well-picked clothing pieces. The style is introduced by Azzaro, Channel and Versace.

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