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Dior Fall 2013 Rouge Dior Makeup Collection

There is no doubt that this fall will be as colorful as never before thanks to our beloved designers’ stunning works! And this time we would like to focus your attention on the Dior fall 2013 Rouge Dior makeup collection, which seems to have brought out another passionate side of the upcoming season.

It isn’t a secret that Dior loved the color red, moreover as he described: “Very invigorating and attractive, it’s the color of life. I love red. In my opinion, it works with almost every skin tone. And it can be worn at any time of the day. Bright reds – scarlet, English red, crimson or cherry – are full of youth and gaiety. There’s one for everyone, and if you don’t want red for a dress or a suit, you can at the very least use it for accessories: a red hat is paired to great effect with a black or gray ensemble, as is a pretty silk scarf on a cream dress or a red umbrella with a gray coat.”

The new Dior fall 2013 Rouge Dior makeup collection not only features various red shades of lipstick, but also 12 shades of Contour Lip Pencil and 4 Le Vernis. Get ready to update your makeup kit and create a trendy, feminine look that will leave everyone speechless thanks to the new Dior fall 2013 Rouge Dior makeup collection.
Of course, no one could represent our beloved label better than the beautiful, talented Natalie Portman, who by the way has been representing Dior since 2010. The new Dior fall 2013 Rouge Dior makeup collection will be officially launched this September 2013.

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