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Getting to Know DMAE

There are a lot of skin care products out in the market and at times, it’s really hard to know which one is the best for you! Believe me, I understand what it feels like to wonder about what complex-sounding ingredients do to your skin, so more often than not I appreciate natural remedies and […]

Dr. Oz Weekend Cleanse Recipes

If you are working all day long and need some extra source of energy that will power you for the rest of the day, these cleanse recipes from Dr. Oz, designed for weekend, are a perfect solution for you! Well, let’s learn how to make them and hence make our weekend more effective! Dr. Oz […]

Slimming Smoothies by Dr. Oz

Longing for having your dream body? That’s not impossible, if you stick to Dr. Oz slimming smoothies! They are a full package of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are abundant with vitamins for losing weight. Dr. Oz’s slimming smoothies are just a big cut of all those ingredients, which are terrifically easy to love! Let’s […]