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Dr. Oz’s 100 Weight Loss Tips

From now on you will not have any problems with your excessive pounds, as Dr. Oz weight loss tips will become your leading schedule and will help you to get rid of the ideas about going for surgery or any other plastics to lose weight! Well, let’s discover Dr. Oz’s 100 weight loss tips, which will make profound changes in your life easily and breezily!

1. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Prepare Meal Beforehand
Think about what you are going to eat throughout the day, this way you will not eat whatever you see in the refrigerator the first! Dr. Oz weight loss advice is to plan meal ahead of time!

2. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: A Cup of Oatmeal
Dr. Oz advises you to have a cup of oatmeal in the morning, as it makes you feel full for the morning, then you will not feel extreme hunger in the afternoon as well and a small snake will be enough!

3. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Get Healthy Fats
Yes, fats may be healthy as well; you just need to include olives, salmon and walnuts in your eating routine as Dr. Oz advises!

4. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Don’t Skip Meal
If you think that skipping meal is the best way to lose weight as you don’t eat anything, you are grossly misled. Your organism needs vitamins to burn the calories that you need to get rid of. So, Dr. Oz advises to eat sensibly but not to skip it.

5. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Nuts Time
Nuts are so pleasant to eat, just put them in front of your eyes to see and eat them often. Dr. Oz advises to soak them in the water so you will have anther texture full of vitamins, which will make you feell full for entire day.

6. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Mediation
Dr. Oz weight loss tips include meditation, which is a perfect way to struggle the changes that occur in your eating routine. They may cause nervous tension and stress, but the meditation thoroughly eliminates this stressfulness.

7. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Skip Frying
Frying is the most used method to prepare a food, but not the most effective and healthy one. You have so many alternatives to that, as Dr. Oz advises make food by roasting, steaming, poaching, baking, braising or broiling.

8. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Shop Sensibly
When you are to do shopping of foods, make a list of the necessary things, thus you will not search and your eyes will not catch what they mustn’t. You will shop wisely and sensibly!

9. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Stay Hydrated
Sometimes we feel a need of something and go for food, but that just may be a thirst and a cup of water may be pretty satisfying! So Dr. Oz advises you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

10. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Walk by the Restaurants
If you are used to dine in the restaurants, it’s going to be difficult as you have your favorite dishes and loved drinks. But if you want to lose weight, Dr. Oz advises to give up attending them or just eat what is combinable with your diet.

11. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Try Pita Pockets
For bringing something new in your daily meal, Dr. Oz suggests trying pita pockets filled with salads. That would be both healthy and effective but also pleasant to eat! Pour a bit of lemon juice for good apatite!

12. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Bedtime Fun
Instead of exercising in gym or running in the street you may do it in your bed! Pleasant feelings with your beloved one will be the best way of exercising! From all the weight loss tips of Dr. Oz this one is the most appealing!

13. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Snack-Packs
For extreme feelings of hungriness you should always have in hand snack-pack filled with healthy foods such as nuts, fruits or sliced vegetables, they will cut your hunger and will not add weight.

14. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Red Pepper Flakes
If you add the red popper flacks in your daily meal, especially in the morning, they will cut your crave for food for the rest of the day. This advice from Dr. Oz really works!

15. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Eat Slowly
When you eat slowly you get full easier and faster. Dr. Oz advises to get into a conversation while you are eating, so it will divert your attention from the meal and you will eat less.

16. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Walk Before Meal
If you have a nice and quick walk before eating, the risk of getting anything unhealthily cuts down, as you get refreshed, hardly you will want something from junk food then.

17. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Canned Salmon
Canned salmon is a great alternative to fish, as it is easer to make and also it saves your time! It is canned so you may keep it and there is no need to run for fresh fish and spend time, especially if you don’t have it.

18. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Take Small Plates
It’s better to take a small plate and fill it all, than to take big one and leave it unfilled. Small plates make you eat less, and besides that, you have the feeling like you have eaten much as your full plate is empty.

19. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Skip Packaged Snacks
If you buy something in a big bag or box, open and put it in a plate then start eating. Dr. Oz warns that if you eat right from the box, you will overeat ,as you don’t see the amount in the package.

20. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Regulate Your Metabolism
It’s so easy to find the way to boost your metabolism with the help of green tea or chili peppers. They are very vital for your organism so take this tip into account!

21. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Sleep Properly
Proper sleep regulates many aspects in our body, mind and organism. The feeling of hungriness may come even from the lack of sleep, so Dr. Oz’s advice is to regulate you sleep hours.

22. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Muscle Training
Only 20 minutes of exercising your muscles may burn many calories. Dr. Oz recommends doing strength straining two or three times a week, agree that it takes nothing to do!

23. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Decaf Coffee
May be this tip has no better alternative! Decaf coffee cuts your crave for food and boosts you for the rest for your day!

24. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Liquid-Based Foods
Summer is a perfect time for all kinds of healthy smoothies that may make you feel full and will make you feel refreshed too! Dr. Oz also recommends making low-calorie soups!

25. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Keep a Pedometer
A pedometer is a perfect way to check whether you are walking enough or not! As Dr. Oz advises, wear it and make sure that you take 10,000 steps a day!

26. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Applesauce Time
Applesauce may become a great dessert and at the same time will give you many vitamins. So, Dr. Oz advises to take bananas and melons and make a perfect applesauce!

27. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Use the Chance to Move
Be active and don’t follow your laziness, when there is a need to walk, even a very short way. That’s the easiest way of keeping shape!

28. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Don’t Give in
Take some time to find out the reasons why you go for unhealthy food. May be it’s easier to get, or you are lazy to make healthy one by yourself. Dr. Oz advises you to picture your goals and see what you are doing to reach for them!

29. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Veggie Dips
Instead of adding fatty sauces to your meal, Dr. Oz advises to make dips from vegetables, which will give another taste to your meal and at the same time will not add excessive weight.

30. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Weigh Regularly
Dr. Oz weight loss advice includes regular weighing. This way you see the change or the vise verse see that there is no progress and it stimulates you to go on. Those who weigh themselves often lose weight faster then the others do.

31. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Cinnamon
The use of a dash of cinnamon in your dessert or just in a tea will help you to cut down the use of sugar. So, it is clear that cinnamon will make the process of weight losing even faster.

32. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Use Salsa Instead of Sauce
Dr. Oz strongly advises to use low-calorie salsa or chutney in your daily meal instead of fatty, gooey sauce. You will get a pleasant flavor and will not have problems with your weight.

33. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Don’t Eat Distracted
Have you noticed that when you eat in front of a television or just distracted by something you overeat? That’s true and Dr. Oz’s advice is not to be diverted by all those things while you are eating!

34. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Skip Soda
Give up all those refreshing drinks that actually don’t refresh but just make you thirsty even more! Just pass to simple water, which is healthy, satisfying and will not add you weight.

35. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Be Attentive
If you shop food with free-fat, it doesn’t always mean that you are not getting excessive calories. Zero fat food may contain great amount of sugar or soda, which should be eliminated from your eating routine. So stay attentive!

36. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Drink Skim Milk
Skim milk is a perfect alternative to juice in the morning! For those who have excessive weight, skim milk may become a great help to lose that weight.

37. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Chew Gum
Gums are really a funny way to cut your appetite and the craving for food. Dr. Oz says that it will hold back your need for food for some time.

38. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Healthy Sweets
There is no need to stop your long for sweets, and there is no need to eat chocolate all day long, you can satisfy your hunger by eating puree peaches, berries or pears.

39. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Take Small Steps
Sometimes it’s difficult to start a diet so you delay it from today to tomorrow. Dr. Oz advises to take small steps like buying walking shoes. This way you may get prepared to the diet you are yet to keep.

40. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Make Frozen Vegetables
Dr. Oz recommends always keeping frozen vegetables in hand in case you get hungry. Thus you will cook them and will not go for unhealthy fast food. For pleasant flavor, add some red paper or turmeric.

41. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Edamame
Another great option from Dr. Oz is the soybeans. They cost low and are easy to keep and cook. It’s like they are always in hand!

42. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Soups
Soups are also a good way of always having something to eat. Dr. Oz advises to make a garden or bean soup with low-salt broth. So you can make it for a few days and store in portion-sized cups.

43. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Protein in Bulk
To save your time Dr. Oz advises to buy lean protein such as chicken breasts in bulk and cook them, when you have time for the rest of the week.

44. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Don’t Eat Everywhere
The best way to resist the temptation of eating is to keep it away from eye. Dr. Oz warns you not to work in the kitchen or in dining room otherwise you will always feel like you are hungry.

45. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Find an Enjoyment
For some of us eating is the most important part of the day; we have made it like this. So Dr. Oz recommends finding some other enjoyment like music, dancing, sport or any hobby that will make you fill satisfied and will not leave that space for food.

46. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Go for Lean Protein
Lean protein satisfies your hunger like nothing else, so you may have it with every meal you eat. Lean protein is better than carbs or fats.

47. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Exercise on Eeekends
Many of you take weekends as days to relax and eat properly and sometimes you overeat! So to make sure that some pleasures during the weekend will not add you weight, workout properly!

48. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Clear out the Kitchen
The idea that you have some junk food in the kitchen will make you think over and over about it. So what Dr. Oz says is to clear out your kitchen and all the ideas with it.

49. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Season Food
All that gives you pleasure does only good to you, of course, it’s about healthy things. So eating fruits and vegetables in their season will be incomparable with their frozen variants. So don’t miss the time to enjoy them.

50. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Eat Breakfast
Dr. Oz advises to eat breakfast and it doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight or keep the lost weight. Never skip the most important meal of the day.

51. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Have a Tape Measure
Have a tape measure always in hand so you may measure the changes in your body shape frequently. Be aware that for women it should measure 32 1/2 inches or less, and 35 inches or less for men.

52. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Avoid Sugar
Be attentive when you shop and always read what is written on the label. The amount of sugar in food must be not more than 4 grams.

53. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Apple Before Meal
Many of us have the tendency to eat fruits after the meal, but Dr. Oz advises to eat them before your meal. An apple filled with fiber will help you to feel full eating less.

54. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Nut Butter
We all eat cream cheese or butter in bread but not all of us know that they just add us weight, which is so difficult to lose. So Dr. Oz recommends eating bread with peanut butter or almond butter spreads!

55. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Easy Smoothies
Dr. Oz has so many recipes for healthy smoothies that you have great variety to choose. You may make them and freeze for some days! So here is an easy smoothie recipe to remember and use!
Ingredients: frozen berries, a banana, skim milk, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of psyllium seed husks.

56. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Eggs for Breakfast
Eggs are inseparable part of the breakfast for many of you for sure! So good news for those, who eat eggs at breakfast! Go on eating eggs, as Dr. Oz says that you are more likely to lose weight or keep what you already had lost by eating eggs in the morning.

57. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Eat Salmon for Omega-3s
You need to burn fat regularly to have any outcome, so here the salmon that contains omega-3 fatty acids will help you! Combine it with some exercising and the result will be obvious.

58. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Mediterranean Diet
Mediterranean diet is know for its good effect on heart, but as we see Dr. Oz advises it also for losing weight. It is proved that Mediterranean diet results in more weight loss than low-fat diets.

59. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Whole Wheat Pasta
If you are a lover of pasta, Dr. Oz doesn’t make you give up eating it, the only thing you should do is replace your regular pasta with whole wheat pasta! So easy!

60. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Consult Before Ordering
We often go for food that we are used to, especially when we eat out. But you may find in every menu some healthy meal or even a meal that includes your diet. Just ask for help then order!

61. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Put a Goal to Reach
May be many of you have seen a dress and dreamed about a day that you may wear it. So it is a great way to make a goal in front of you, instead of just dreaming, put a concrete goal to lose concrete weigh and have the dress you want.

62. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Go for Beans
Beans are a great alternative to meat that is not always available in your diet. But beans are always proper when you are keeping diet and by the way they are very filling.

63. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Boost Flavor and Metabolism
There are flavors that may boost you for hours and give you a big bang of energy. So Dr. Oz advises to flavor eggs or chicken with metabolism-boosting chili pepper sauce. That will be tasty and also productive in your weigh-losing process!

64. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Pre-Workout Snacks
Dr. Oz weight loss tips include simple yogurts like Greek one with frozen berries, which may be a great booster before the workout.

65. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Leftovers for Lunch
It’s so easy to make a great lunch using the leftovers of your dinner! So you may enclose all that you have in a whole wheat wrap and enjoy a tasty lunch!

66. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Mess the Colors
The meal you eat should be not only tasty for you tummy but also pleasant to your eye! So try to choose colorful fruits and vegetables and eat them in skins if you can! Thus you will get huge amount of antioxidants.

67. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Your Own Snack Boxes
Dr. Oz advises to create e box of snakes in your working place, so if you need to chew something you will have it in hand and your colleagues will not allure you with their anti-diet snakes!

68. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Greek Yogurt
Dr. Oz weight loss tips include yogurts, but not all the types as some of them contain huge amount of sugar. So go for Greek yogurt for more protein, calcium and natural probiotics.

69. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: When Using Microwave
As much as you use microwave that much you use unhealthy food. Yes that’s a fact. But Dr. Oz recommends choosing soy chicken patties, veggie burgers or steamer vegetables and brown rice for microwaving. This way you will follow your diet.

70. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Mind Your Clothing
When you lose weight, it’s time to change your wardrobe, you may make you fit your previous clothes or as Dr. Oz advises you may donate them! This way you will see the changes in your look and you will get stimulated.

71. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Visualize the Weight
When you are in the gym and hold weights visualize them, hence you will see the weights that you hold and will feel what it’s like when you eat and add exactly the same pounds as the weights have!

72. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Don’t Plateau
When you see that you have lost some weight, don’t continue your routine in the same way. If you exercise add up 5 minutes, if you run, run 5 minutes more and so on!

73. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Pound the Meat
When pounding out your meal meat you get rid of stressful feelings that you may have because of your dieting. Follow Dr. Oz’s advice, as it’s really a perfect way to get relieved.

74. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Silken Tofu
Dr. Oz doesn’t make you give up using cream in the recipes that you always use, but just advises to replace it by silken tofu!

75. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Mustard Instead of Mayo
Another great replacement from Dr. Oz for losing weight! You may easily save 85 calories just by replacing mayonnaise with mustard in whatever you make!

76. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Don’t Eat After 7
Train your organism that you are not going to eat after 7 o’clock at night. If you do so regularly, soon you will not have the need to eat after 7 o’clock and this will be a great step in your way to lose weight.

77. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Spaghetti Squash
Here is another recipe by Dr. Oz for eating tasty and healthy. Try this pasta-less spaghetti. It is made from shredded zucchini, veggie meatballs and raw tomato sauce seasoned with a dash of zesty oregano.

78. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Fresh Herbs
Fresh herbs are perfect addition to your meal; they give tempting flavor and healthy ingredients to your meal. This makes the cooking process even pleasant!

79. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Cut the Use of Salt
The amount of salt that you get from fast food isn’t your natural need, you just get used to it. In order to get rid of this addiction that has been transferred to need, stop eating fast food and your need for salt will be regulated.

80. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Eat a Turkey Burger
Fatty burgers may be replaced with turkey burger, but they are a bit dry for tummy. So you may add olive oil and blended onions to make it more juicy and pleasant to eat.

81. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Diet for Two
You may happen to keep a diet with the one you live with or with a best friend living by, so you can make lunches for each other. This way you will be impatient to see what you have for lunch and this surprise will make your lunch even tastier.

82. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Start with Salads
It would be better if you make a habit to start you dinner with some appetizing salad. Dr. Oz says that this way you may skip unhealthy fries or sauces.

83. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Umami
Another great way to feel full and at the same time eat healthy food is ‘umami’, which includes mushrooms, low-sodium soy, asparagus and olives! They are extremely tasty and will just conduct to losing weight.

84. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Take Stairs
Never miss the chance to take all stairs that come to your way. If there are in your work place don’t take an elevator, walk by the stairs, they will take just a few minutes but will do huge work for the desired shape for your body.

85. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Baked Apple Chips
We all love chips, let’s confess, but we have to give up eating them as there is no good from them. But Dr. Oz has found the alternative to potato chips by advising to bake apple slices!

86. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Water-Rich Foods
Dr. Oz recommends eating water-rich foods, such as melons, tomatoes and celery, as they give the right amount of calories that you need to get throughout the day. So keep them around!

87. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Avocados
You can hardly find better food that will be high in fiber and healthy fats but avocado! They are really perfect addition to your eating routine when you are to lose weight!

88. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Pumpkin Seeds
Here is another snack option for the day from Dr. Oz. These unsalted pumpkin seeds will provide you with magnesium, which may boots you for the rest of the day and will lower blood pressure, if you have problems with it.

89. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Take a Posture
Take a small break from a hard working day and make a posture! This will help to burn some calories and strengthen your core! A simple tip from Dr. Oz does a great job!

90. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Mind-Clarifying Nap
Every time you are tired or nervous your cravings get stronger. It is the right time to resist them by having a nap. Sleep always clears your mind and we are woken up with sensible thinking!

91. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Stay Positive
If you really want this change in your life try to make it as a normal. Tell your friends and family how greatly your life has changed and make it as a regular way of living for the rest of your life!

92. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Save your Changes
Take photos of you when you just start keeping a diet and keep on taking them frequently! They will portrait your changes and will become good memories from the days, when you were strong enough to make those changes!

93. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Skip Store-Bought Dressings
You never know what is hidden under the packed dressing that you buy at a store. They are always filled with calories that will hinder your dieting. Dr. Oz tips is about making your own dressings at home!

94. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Yoga Time
When you start enumerating the advantages of yoga it may turn to a long list. It is relaxing, relieving and comforting but the same time it’s a great exercise for your body! So you combine the effectiveness with pleasure!

95. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Quinoa
If it’s the first time you hear about quinoa, you should search and get acquainted with it. Dr. Oz advises to cook this easy making grain and eat it with sauteed vegetables or mushrooms.

96. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: New Sandwiches
Can’t give up your favorite sandwiches? No worries! Dr. Oz advises just to eliminate the mayo, cheese and top bun thus reducing 250 calories that you would get if eating a sandwich at a restaurant.

97. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Resistance Bands
These resistance bands may be your true friend at home all the time! It’s so simple to do excising by these bands, so it’s available for any of you!

98. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Frozen Treats
In summer everything that is icy or frozen is very pleasant, so you can add some new vigor to summer foods. You may freeze even Greek yogurt with berries, which are so advisable by Dr. Oz.

99. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Store Leftovers Immediately
When you have put what you need in your plate, store the leftovers. This way you will not have extra craving for food: even if you will, hardly will you feel like restoring everything again!

100. Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips: Mid-Meal Break
There is a tip that you should never forget about; it’s taking a 30 second break, when you have already eaten some quantity. This break will let you know whether you need more meal or you are already full.

These weight loss tips from Dr. Oz may seem rather long just from the first glance! But believe it, when you start putting them into practice you will see that there is no exaggeration and they may easily become a part of your every day routine!

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