Dutch Braids Tutorials and Tips

Two women with Dutch braids

As you, know Dutch braids are considered as one of the latest hairstyle trends! This amazing look is an easy-to-do hairstyle that works perfectly for an everyday look or even for a formal occasion. If you are interested, but you don’t know how to make a Dutch braid, don’t worry, as we come up with Dutch braids tutorials and tips that will teach you some easy steps for reaching the desired results.

Dutch Braids Tutorials and Tips

Dutch Braid Tutorial

In order to make a Dutch braid all you have to do is divide the chosen hair section into three equal parts and start braiding the following way: take the left strand pass it under the middle strand, then take the right one and cross it under the middle as well. On the next step, grab a strand from the left side of your head and carefully put it next to the left hair strand. Now take both of them and cross them under the middle one. Afterwards do the same on the right side. Once you’re done make sure you secure your Dutch braid with an elastic band.

Side Dutch Braid

Now, if you want to go for the side Dutch braid just follow these easy steps. Comb your hair on the one side of your head and start braiding it from the middle of the head. Continue the above-mentioned process until you reach the section below the ear. Finally, take the rest of your hair and braid it together with the Dutch braid that you just plaited. Once you’ve finished this, secure the side Dutch braid with an elastic band.

Dutch Crown Braid

For a more romantic, soft look, go for the Dutch crown braid, as this hairstyle will embellish your look and emphasize your femininity. First part your hair into equal sections, grab the hair above the ear and pull it to the top and braid. Braid until you reach the middle of your head. At this point, switch hands and braid again but this time start from towards the top of the head using hair strands from the right side. Last but not least, take the Dutch braid and wrap it around your head and secure with the help of a pin.
As you see Dutch braiding isn’t a difficult task! Master your braiding techniques and reach perfection!

Dutch Braids Tutorials and Tips

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