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Tips for Wearing Bold Makeup Looks

It’s really fantastic and alluring if your photo with bold and intrepid makeup appears in the magazines. But wearing blue eyeliner or red lipstick everyday may be a little daring for you. Surely, you shouldn’t make up your mind to go for neutral tones or just wear nothing. There are number of ways to make your bold makeup look modest and pleasant for eye. Simply follow several tips for wearing bold makeup looks and you’ll always look fantastic!

How to Wear Colored Eyeliner

To make the colored eyeliner suitable for wearing, you should match it with the liner in neutral tones. For instance, you may apply blue, purple or green tones on your bottom lash line and at the same time use brown or black colors on your opposite lash line.

How to Wear Red Lips

Maybe you feel discomfort while wearing red lips. As you are provided with different shades, you may freely choose a lighter tone. You are advised to go for coral instead of red-orange. Besides, this color is the hottest trend of the moment. You may also choose lipsticks, which are semi-transparent or have glimmer in them.

Cat Eye Makeup Tips

Here is another method to make your bold makeup look softer. If you consider liquid or gel liner to be a little intrepid, you may do the following: take a wet brush and soak it into the dark eye shadow (such as black or brown). Thus, you will be able to create a cat eye look. If you notice imperfections you may blacken the line to create a smokey eye look.

Makeup Tips for Glowing Skin

Applying highlighter is very essential for a glowing skin. If you can’t apply it in the right way and in the right amount, you may opt for brightening foundation. It will provide you with a natural skin glow.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

If you are a beginner and want to create smokey eyes, but you are afraid of having a bold makeup look, then you are advised to go for pale tones. You will get a softer look if you apply gray with a tinge of brown or lavender rather than black.

Makeup Tips for Bold Brows

If you are fond of applying brow pencil, you are more likely to get a bold makeup look. To make your look softer you are recommended wearing a brow powder. Remember, the tone of the brow powder should not differ from the color of your brows.

We hope this information will help you t look stunning always, as you are provided with easy ways of wearing bold makeup looks. Don’t overuse your makeup and you will have a soft and alluring look always!

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