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When is Exercising Too Much

As you know, from the day you were born, exercising guarantees both your body’s perfect shape and health. Many of us spend hours working out in order to have a good looking healthy body and most of us think that the more we work out the best results we will get. What we don’t know about this topic is that a long, hard workout not only doesn’t really help to dramatically change our body shape, but also can harm our health. How does this happen? When is exercising too much? Follow our fitness tips and learn when to workout and when it’s better to stop!

According to researchers, while you work out your body burns sugar and fat and releases free radicals, which bind with cholesterol and plaque build-up in your arteries, these damage your cells. This entire process is called oxidative stress. In fact, studies have shown that hard exercising can increase heart diseases. As professionals claim our body is set to deal with oxidative stress for an hour, which means that a vigorous exercising process can cause many problems. So if you want to maintain your health you must put a restriction on your workout program, which will help to balance the development of all of you muscles and guarantee reaching the desired results.

Thus, if you are wondering how long you have to exercise your body to consider it normal, follow the advice of the experts as recommend to run 19 miles per week, which means almost seven miles per hour divided in three or four sessions. Moreover, there are signs that help to understand whether you are working out too much or not such as waking up with long energy and loss of appetite. So pay attention to your health and remember there is no need to harm your health in order to have radical body changes.

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