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Best Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Each girl/ woman has her own and unique eye shape. For different shapes of eyes there exist special makeup tricks. If you apply makeup in the right way, you will be able to change even your eye shape.
Maybe, you are proud of your eye shape and want just to highlight its beauty. But if you want to make your small eyes look bigger, you should consider the following best makeup tips for your eye shape.
The right makeup will enlarge your eyes and make your gaze attractive and eye-catching. Don’t make a makeup mistake, as it will spoil the beauty of your eyes. Here are several makeup tips for your eye shape!
One of the easiest ways to change your eye shape is applying false lashes. They will immediately change the whole look of your eyes even if you refuse applying makeup. If you can’t define your eye shape, you should know that smokey eye makeup brings all eye shapes to perfection.

Makeup Tips for Wide Set Eyes

Use a matte hue to outline the entire brow bone space. Gently brush your lashes with your mascara brusher to the direction of your nose. You may also apply false lashes for a complete look.

Makeup Tips for Close Set Eyes

If you have close set eyes, you should go for deeper and neutral tones. You should apply these shades on the external part of your eyes. Take a shimmering shadow and apply it on your tear ducts.

Makeup Tips for Hooded Lids

If you have this eye shape, then smokey eye makeup is just for you. Look for matte eye shadows. Applying special cream as a base is equally important, as it will help your shadow stay in its place.

Makeup Tips for Monolid

Smokey eye makeup is recommended to those who have monolid eye shape. Use your eyeliner to line the whole eye. Apply your pencil brush to mix it out and use a glowing shadow to make the center of your eye more outstanding.

Makeup Tips for Downturned Eyes

Spread the shadow onto your lids and mix the external corner up. Brush your lashes with your mascara brusher to the direction of the temple. For a complete finish, apply false lashes to make your eye shape look upturned.

Makeup Tips for Upturned Eyes

In this case you may apply eyeliner and mascara in various colors. This eye shape is quite versatile.

Makeup Tips for Deep Set Eyes

Those girls who have deep set eyes should highlight their lash lines (especially the bottom) by applying rich tones. They should also use mascara.

So, choose the best makeup for your eye shape and go for high quality products only for better results!

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