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Steps for a Quick and Easy Buff Manicure

Buff manicure step-by-step guide

While colored gel manicures are all the rage, as are patterns and designs, sometimes the clean and professional look of a buff manicure is ideal.  If you are headed to an interview, you might not want to show up with red and blue plaid fingernails, but that depends on where you are interviewing. The buff […]

Different Nail Polish Formulations

There are so many nail polish brands today that it gets confusing to choose which one to buy. You can lessen your confusion by identifying them by formulation, though. There are different kinds of polish: base coat, top coat, regular, and gel polish. I’m here to help you differentiate them from one another: Base coat […]

How to Avoid Yellowing Nails Caused by Nail Polish

Colorful artistic view of nail polish

Nail polish makes your nails look great and taken care of. But they do leave behind nail polish stains that make your nails look yellowish. I’ve seen this several times before especially after I take off red nail polish and I really don’t like the sickly look that the yellowish nails give my fingers. Check […]

Simple and Effective Manicure Tricks to Try

Taking care of your nails and wearing stylish nail art designs will complete your elegant look. If you can’t spend much time on your nails, here are several simple and effective manicure tricks which you should try. All the compliments will surely belong to you. Dry Your Nails Quickly To wait until your nails air […]