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Signs of Unhealthy Nails

I look at nails as hints to the kind of lifestyle a person leads. I like those who have well-trimmed nails and I adore nail art. However, unhealthy nails will not look good even with nail polish and nail art, so before you try any of those, you first need to find out if your nails are unhealthy. Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Pale nails – Did you know that pale nails could mean that you are anemic, have liver disease, or even have congestive heart failure? It can also be an indicator that you are malnourished, so make sure that you eat more fruits and vegetables when you see pale nails.
  • White nails – If your nails are not just pale but actually already white and with darker rims, you might want to have yourself checked out for any liver problems. White nails could mean that you have hepatitis. Jaundiced fingers can also signal liver problems.
  • Yellow nails – You may have a fungal infection if your nails are yellow. This infection can worsen and cause the nails to thicken and even crumble. Yellow nails can even be a sign that you have a lung disease, diabetes, psoriasis, or thyroid problem.
  • Bluish nails – if I were you, I’d be concerned with bluish nails because it means that your body is deprived of oxygen. Blue nails can also indicate a lung or heart problem, so you have to get yourself checked out soon.
  • Brittle nails – I hate brittle nails, especially when they crack easily. This is apparently linked to a fungal infection, so I’d recommend that you try and get rid of them using homemade solutions. You can even consult your doctor to help revive healthy nails and get rid of the underlying problem.
  • Dark lines – You should always inspect your nails for dark lines beneath them. Don’t take this lightly, as this could mean that you have melanoma. Melanoma is a skin cancer and it has to be detected as soon as possible.

Even if your nails don’t fit in any of the categories listed above, you should make sure to keep them healthy. Some products help do that, and others actually do wonders. Whatever you do, make sure that you have healthy nails.

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