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Safe Destinations for Solo Female Travellers: Taipei, Taiwan

I like to believe that the world is fair and both men and women can go wherever they want and be what they want to be with no problems. Sadly, that is just an ideal and the reality is that if you are a woman, there are just some limitations that you have to content with and one of those is travelling solo.

I have been thinking about traveling solo for quite some time now because for me, it would be an “Eat, Pray, Love” kind of thing that will allow me to grow as a person. I have been looking at some of the best places for solo women travellers because I want to have a good time without having to constantly worry about my safety. In my research, I found one place that might just prove to be my next travel destination and it is Taipei, Taiwan.

Asian Paradise

The top three things I liked most about Taiwan were these:

  • The food
  • The culture
  • The views

I am a huge sucker for Asian food and if and when I do go to Taiwan, I will promptly forget I am on a healthy diet and eat every type of local dish I come across. I am especially looking forward to eating marinated food off carts on the street. These marinated foods are called Lu Wei and I am dying to give it a try. Also, I will fill my belly with authentic Taiwanese milk tea.

Taiwanese culture is so different from what we are used to and I hope that I can navigate their customs without offending anyone. That said, I am still looking forward to learning different customs and traditions. I found out though that they are a generally very polite society and the crime rate is quite low so that is a huge bonus on my part.

There are many, many places I want to visit and sites I want to see but #1 on my list is the Taipei Zoo so I can watch the Pandas and raid the Panda souvenir shop for things I can bring home.

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