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Teeth Whitening Benefits and Warnings

Having shiny white teeth contributes to a dazzling smile. I’ve checked out some teeth whitening options and from natural methods to the more expensive dental appointments, teeth whitening has some common benefits and warnings to consider. Before you go for teeth whitening remedies or professional treatments, here are some of the things you need to know.

Teeth Whitening Benefits

One of the top benefits of whitening your teeth is, well, having whiter teeth! You’ll have that pearly white smile which can lead to its next benefit—being more confident. For those who have to talk to a lot of people or those who would simply want to have a brighter smile, whitening your teeth may feel very rewarding.

The process of teeth whitening also helps remove bacteria from the mouth because bleaching agents usually have antibacterial properties. When you have less oral bacteria, you can expect fresher breath too. Plaque and tartar can also be removed in the process. You can choose to go for over the counter teeth whitening packs, natural home remedies, or professional treatments to whiten your teeth and experience these benefits!

Warnings Before Whitening Your Teeth

When it comes to natural teeth whitening through natural remedies, perhaps the most common method is to use lemon juice. It has bleaching properties, but remember that it is also very acidic. Too much acid on your teeth may result in damage to your teeth’s enamel which may lead to teeth erosion. Because of this, remember to do it no more than once a week.

If you do choose to get your teeth whitening services from a professional, make sure you have a thorough talk with your dentist about the treatment you’re getting. Some dentists may not advice teeth whitening sessions depending on your teeth and gum health. Also, expect sensitivity and pain after your teeth bleaching sessions. Teens should not undergo teeth whitening because their teeth are relatively new and they will also be more subject to sensitivity. Cervical resorption or wearing away of teeth near your gum line may also happen if you have your teeth bleached too often. Remember these tips and have a safe teeth whitening experience!

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