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Simple and Effective Manicure Tricks to Try

Taking care of your nails and wearing stylish nail art designs will complete your elegant look. If you can’t spend much time on your nails, here are several simple and effective manicure tricks which you should try. All the compliments will surely belong to you.

Dry Your Nails Quickly

To wait until your nails air dry, you may lose all your time and be late for your meeting. There is a simple but effective manicure trick, which will solve this problem. Wait two minutes after applying the nail polish and put your nails in water filled with ice cubes. It will dry your nails quickly.

Remove Your Manicure Quickly

It’s rather unpleasant to remove the manicure from your nails. It may take you much time. However, this effective trick will help you economize your time. Just take acetone and a cotton ball. Divide the latter into 10 small parts and place them on the acetone, which you have already applied on your nails. After 2 minutes, your manicure will be completely removed.

Create a Matte Finish

Consider that you may create a matte finish manicure yourself just trying this easy and effective manicure trick. You just need to blend the cornstarch with your clear coat. You should get a white paste. After applying it on your glossy manicure, you will get an ideal matte finish.

Create a Fishnet Nail Art Design

To create a fishnet nail art design becomes easier with this easy and effective manicure trick. All you need to do is to spread the base color and the primary tone and apply loofah. Finally, use the secondary shade or go for glitter to create a fishnet nail art design.

Create a Fantastic Shade with a Thin Manicure

If your manicure is thin, you may apply the white shade under your favorite nail polish. You may try another effective manicure trick and apply your thin mani in several coats. The result will satisfy you.

Fabulous Dotting

If you want to wear amazing nail art designs, be a little creative and go for another simple manicure trick. Just take a pencil, which has an eraser and make the pin go into it. Dunk its end into the manicure and you will get fabulous dotting.

Whitening the Nails

If you use nail polish frequently, you nails may become yellow. The lemon juice is one of the great manicure tricks, which will whiten your nails. You just need to dunk your nails into the lemon juice. You may also go for toothpaste with a whitening feature. You may also mix baking soda (4 tablespoons) and peroxide (2 tablespoons).

Create Perfect Nail Polish

If you face a great difficulty while painting your nails, you should use non-toxic glue in a liquid form. Spread the glue on your nails and then go for your nail polish. After peeling it off, you may enjoy your perfect manicure.

Opt for Bottle Lubricant

If you have a difficulty in opening the bottle of your manicure, you had better try this easy and effective manicure trick. You should just spread petroleum jelly on the lid and after this process you may close the manicure. This lubricant will help you open the bottle without any difficulty.

Apply Manicure Easily

If you store your manicure in the fridge, it may become thicker and cannot be applied easily. Keep it in the room temperature for 15 minutes and you will be able to use it, as it is another simple and effective manicure trick.

Try these simple and effective manicure tricks and achieve astounding nails.

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