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10 Step-by-Step Hairstyle Tutorials for Your Chic Looks

Looking for some gorgeous hairstyles that will motivate you to experiment with different looks and bring you in the center of attention? Well, check out our small guide of 10 step-by-step of adorable modern-chic hairstyles and let them become your main source of inspiration for achieving a flawless look!

French Roll

Easy and it’s simple with guaranteed results! What we especially love about this hairstyle is that it can be a great option whether you want to be dressed up or dressed down due to its versatility! Moreover, knowing that it takes only couple minutes to be done is enough to be exciting about giving it a try!

Braided Heart

A perfect alternative for those fashionistas who want to add a youthful touch to their look while keeping it subtle yet very trendy!

Trendy Approach of the Well-Known Ponytail

This is the best hairstyle to go for if you are looking for an option that will perfectly express a tough attitude. Being inspired by the famous punk style this trendy ponytail will perfectly embellish your look for any occasion!

Braided Low Bun

A simple yet stunning alternative that appears to be one of the best options to rock the braided hair trend while showing your sense of high fashion!

Fab  Pony

A modern approach of the famous  ponytail which appears to be worth-trying not only because there is no need to put too much effort on in order to achieve it but also it works the best when it comes to creating a soft, romantic look!

Cute Side Pony with a Bow

 This is a magnificent hairstyle that is considered as a more romantic approach of the well-known side ponytail that can be the best option to go for if you want to create a feminine look of a youthful vibe.

Greek Goddess Style

This is a jaw-dropping hairstyle that one should go for if looking forward to create a luxurious formal look that will leave a big impact on everyone from the very first sight!

Trendy Braided Topknot

An interesting approach of the trendy topknot that appears to be more corresponding to the latest beauty trends as is the combination of the two main fashion trends of this spring 2014: braids and topknot.

Classy Updo with Hair Accessory

One of the best ways to add a modern touch to the classy updo and make it more of a youthful vibe is to simply add a cute hair accessory to your updo.

Low Pony with Braids

What makes this hairstyle very special is the interesting idea of creating a look that might look simple from up front but once you look at it from the back you see the whole fascinating work that has been done.

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