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How to Keep Your Nails Strong

Having strong nails is your key to a long lasting nail polish and an amazing look. Besides, fantastic nails will draw attention and your dry skin will not be noticed. Learn the easiest ways on how to keep your nails strong.

Go for Moisturizing

Moisturizing your nails is very essential to keep them strong. If your nails are dry, they will become fragile. This will give rise to infection and pain.

To make your nails stronger, you had better apply a cream with a moisturizing feature. It should be applied on your cuticles, as well.

Don’t Dip Your Nails For a Long Time

Avoid soaking your nails in water for a long time. Even the ten minutes touch with water may damage your nails. You had better wear gloves while washing dishes.

Apply Nail Polish with a Straightening Feature

Nail polishes with straightening features are one of the easy methods to keep your nails strong. They may be in clear tones, which may be used as a base color. You had better apply it on your bare nails to feel its great result.

Limit the Use of Manicures

In order to keep your nails strong, you should stay away from applying too many nail polishes. They are high in chemicals, which will leave their bad influence on your nails. Instead, go for manicures with strengthening features. You are also advised to wear bare nails for some time, as the air will make them stronger, as well.

Nail Polish Remover

After wearing a nail polish for some time, you should remove it. Don’t go for chipping. Before using a remover, pay attention to its ingredient. Take a pad and add several drops of remover. You are advised to keep the same mani on your nails for several days and then take it off.

Don’t Go for Biting

To keep your nails stronger, you should avoid biting the nails, as the saliva will penetrate into your nails and make them weaker. Biting may also affect on your nail growth.

Stay Away from Acrylics

If you desire to have strong and fantastic nails on your wedding party, you had better stay away from acrylics. They will damage your nails and make them weaker. You will need several months to bring them to the previous look. Instead, opt for faux nails, as they won’t harm your nails.

After considering the best recommendations on how to keep your nails strong, you will be tempted to show off your hands and nails.

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