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4 Tips for Healthy Nails

Having nice nails can help you feel more confident about your hands. You can also have more fun with nail polishes when your nails don’t easily break, because you can grow them longer and keep them that way for a while. Here are some tips I’ve tried and tested when it comes to keeping nails healthy.

Regularly clean your nails – Cleaning encompasses cutting, filing, shaping, washing and maintaining your nails. You can use products such as cuticle removers or simply soap and water mixtures to soften the nails before brushing it. You may want to push the cuticles back a little, but do not cut it off. File in just one direction and use clean tools for your nail care routine.

Moisturize and hydrate – Regularly drinking water will give your nails as well as your skin better hydration. By staying hydrated, you can avoid having brittle nails and dry-looking cuticles. If your nails still look dry, you can apply a thin layer of olive oil around the nail area. This will moisturize the skin and make your nails healthy in a natural manner as well. You can apply oil on an as-needed basis to restore moisture to your nails especially after removing nail polish.

Use some garlic – If you want to grow long, strong, and healthy nails, you can take a garlic clove, slice it in half and rub it against your nails. I even push my nails into the flesh of the garlic and I swear my nails don’t break after I do this natural strengthening trick. Garlic has selenium which helps strengthen nails naturally.

4 Tips for Healthy Nails

Avoid using nail polish too often – Nail polish, when worn for extended periods of time, makes your nails look yellow and dull. I personally do not wear nail polish for longer than three days or at most a week to avoid this effect. Exposing your nails to chemicals damages and weakens them over time so as much as possible, have your nails au naturel to let them grow stronger.

Try out these tips and you’ll see how your nails become healthier over time!

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