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How to Spot a Fake Kate Spade Bag

A Kate Spade bag can spice up your outfit in a chic way. However, not all Kate Spade bags are original and if you want to make the most out of your money, you have to know how to stay away from knock offs. Some fake bags are really good imitations, but if you know how to spot a fake Kate Spade bag, you would know if what you’re buying is a good investment! Here are some of the things you need to remember which differentiate the original from the knock offs.

Ask yourself where it’s from – There are a lot of “retailers” of Kate Spade bags, but the real ones are only from luxury malls. You cannot easily find original Kate Spade bags from flea markets, sales, or Chinatown.

Check the label – The label would say a lot about the authenticity of the bag. For Kate Spade bags, the interior label will show the country where the bag is made. Check for names such as Kate Spade New York, Maira Kalman, or Decade which means those are authentic bags. If you don’t see these labels, your bag is a fake.

Metal feet – Check the underside of the bag for some metal feet. Original bags have big and pointy metal studs which are about the size of a dime. If there’s none, then the bag’s a fake.

Pay attention to the design – If you see a design that has color blocking and with two front and back pockets, these are definitely fakes. These designs were made over a decade ago and are no longer in new circulation. Camouflage, sunflower prints, tie-dye, celebrity face prints, and toile are also out because Kate Spade never had those designs made. If it also looks like a design made by another bag maker, this is a fake because designer bags never have the same designs.

Check the stitching – The stitches of all original bags are evenly spaced and in good quality. If the stitches of your bag are sloppy and if it looks poorly done, you’re most probably looking at a fake.

Keep your eyes open and look for these signs when buying your first Kate Spade bag!

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