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3 Best Places to Eat in Indonesia

When traveling, I enjoy trying local cuisines and having a taste of their authentic dishes. This is a great way to form associations of the place while making your travel more memorable. If you are planning to visit the islands of Indonesia, you will do well to remember some of these places to eat and what to eat when you get there:

Bandar Djakarta – If you ever go to Jakarta, it is a must for you to try the goodness of fresh seafood in their most popular restaurant, Bandar Djakarta. The food served here is fresh and delicious, and if you are craving for a seafood treat, this is the place to be. They serve daily catch which includes lobsters and crabs, and they even have shark recipes. Chefs will allow their guests to pick the kind of cooking method they prefer.

Garuda Padang Cuisine – If you want something stylish yet authentic, Garuda Padang Cuisine in West Sumatra offers you Minangkabau recipes. The restaurant has a modern vibe to it that will make you feel the fusion of today’s culture along with the authenticity of West Sumatran Cuisine. You should try their “bumbu nenas” or fried bean curd with pineapple and peanut sauce, “gulai ayam” or chicken curry, and their “sambal cumi cumi” which is a popular dish in Indonesia.

Walung Lele Restaurant – If you are a fan of rice meals, the Warung Lele Restaurant is a great place to fill your demand for rice. They serve a mountain of rice—literally a mountain of rice—on a bamboo tray which they call the “tampa.” The bamboo tray is then surrounded with assorted Indonesian dishes. This is truly a feast in a single plate. They have “tempe orek” which is sweet and dry soybean cake that’s fried, “ayam goreng” or fried chicken, and “empal gepuk” or sweet and spicy fried beef. The rice serving is in a mountain formation as a sign of giving thanks to the gods and it is also symbolic of Indonesia’s many mountains and volcanoes.

Make sure to try out these places for a great blast of Indonesian flavors!

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