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Category Archives: Style

Fashion Rules to Stick to for Successful Looks

To look fashionable, you should go for experiments, which can give rise to curious and chic looks. However, you should be very careful while matching various tones and materials. Consider these fashion rules to stick to for successful looks. They are not too strict, so you may easily get adapted to them. Try before Buying […]

Cute Beanies to Wear All The Other Days Too Besides The Weekend

Recently beanies have become as popular as all other accessories. You might have never thought of it but fact is beanies stand on high fashion status. Some living in warmer parts dream for a cold weather so they can join the millions wearing it. Beanies can be just as simple as a round fabric, thin […]

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

Fashion alert! Grab a comfortable sit and get ready to admire a new line specifically designed for the upcoming fall season signed by Elie Saab! Bringing into the spotlight a series of stunning, elegant outfits of the timeless classy style the new Elie Saab Pre-fall 2014 collection is definitely worth-checking! What will steal your attention […]

2014 Coolest Red Carpet Beauty Looks

We are super excited to inform you that the New Year brought new top lists as well and among the most important appears our top ten of the coolest red carpet beauty looks of 2014! Thus, take your time to admire the most gorgeous looks of our beloved celebs and let them become your biggest […]

The New Trend of Word-Printed Clothes

Interested to find out what’s going on in the fashion world? Well, let us inform you that the closure of the fashion month left us with a series of brand new exciting trends that any self-respecting fashionista has to wear at least once this year! One of the most outstanding fashion trends that stole our […]