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What Not to Wear In Your 30s

There are certain rules you should strictly follow, while choosing outfits. You should consider the period of your life and opt for a suitable trend. In your 30s, you have to stay away from certain trends and wear an elegant style.

Find out what not to wear in your 30s but look fashionable and interesting.

Stay Away from the Junior Section

Though you may consider the outfits of the junior section very tempting and trendy, you had better avoid attending this department in your 30s. You are also advised to get rid of those outfits, which look junior from your closet.

Blending Accessories

Mix several accessories in a stylish way to create an alluring look. Avoid pairing your fine necklace with solid bracelets. Don’t wear too many screaming things together, like scintillating purses and printed handbags. Bear in your mind that in case you pull off many screaming accessories in your 30s, you may lose all the charm of your age.

Stay Away from Hair Bows

You don’t need to stay away from all types of bows in your 30s. You may wear ribbons or embellish your hair with stylish bows. However, you should avoid trying colorful and screaming bows, no matter whether they are secured on your headbands or bobby pins.

Stay Away from Crop Tops

Crop tops are among those things you should not wear in your 30s. It is not the best time to show your figure. You may do it on the beach or in the pool, where there is no outfit restriction. Look for other ways of showing your body.

Avoid Wearing Pink from Head to Toe

In your 30s, you are recommended getting rid of your pink attire. If you are fond of pink, you may just wear several pink accessories. Consider that you may only wear well-cut skirt suits. Instead, skip trying pink dresses and tops.

Avoid Wearing Backpacks

Though we consider college backpacks trendy, they are among the list of restricted things to wear in your 30s. There is no need to wear a backpack, when there is a great option of stylish bags.

Avoid Wearing Leather Pants

As for leather pants, they are not the best choice in your 30s. Take them away from your wardrobe and opt for more edgy and polished outfits.

Avoid Wearing Short Shorts

Short shorts are not your best friend when you are already in your 30s. It doesn’t mean that you should not show your pretty legs, just go for a little longer version. You may create your sophisticated and grown up look, wearing long trousers and skirts.

Avoid Wearing T-Shirts

You may only create your casual look pairing your slogans with nice T-shirts. However, you are recommended wearing them while going out. Otherwise, you may try printed and colored tops to get a grown up look.

Avoid Wearing Low-Rise Jeans

In case your underwear is visible due to your low-rise jeans, you should avoid pulling it off in your 30s. You may match your low-rise jeans with a nice top, which covers your waist and look trendy.

In case you are in your 30s, you should consider that there are several trendy outfits you should avoid wearing. 

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