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Escada Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Get ready to get into the whole summer mood as we are about to present to you the new Escada spring/summer 2014 collection! Filled with gorgeous outfits made of soft, delicate fabrics one thing is for sure: the new line signed by famous Escada promises to boost up your femininity for the upcoming sunny days. Thus, take your time to admire the new Escada spring/summer 2014 collection and let it inspire you to create the most elegant summer looks for this year.

What we love about this new line suggested by Escada is the way the label presents a modern approach of the classy elegant style by bringing into the spotlight stunning dresses and tunics with eye-catching abstract prints of a great impact.

Another thing worth mentioning about the new Escada spring/summer 2014 collection is that including diverse, gorgeous pieces with cool geometric and floral designs in dark classy or bold, vibrant colors it brings up at least a good alternative for every fashionista! Among all the trendy outfits shown off by the label the jaw-dropping red nappa leather coat is the one that we would like to especially focus your attention on as by adding a rough touch it is be the best option for those fashionistas who always look for an outfit with an alluring sophistication.

Last but not least, accessories included in the new Escada spring/summer 2014 collection don’t seem to be less important as in this category the label brings up with stunning, fancy metallic accessories such as trendy, statement-making clutches, fab bracelets and chic pumps that come to add the perfect finish touch to the whole look!

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