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Category Archives: Style

How to Choose a Party Dress

It’s sometimes a little difficult to choose a right party dress. But if you consider several essential factors, this problem will be solved. After learning several rules, you will not have to face any problem with choosing your party dress. Have a look at these easy tricks and learn how to choose a party dress. […]

How to Wear Converse Sneakers In a Stylish Way

Considering that the trend of wearing Converse sneakers is expanding day by day we decided to show you our little guide and inspire you to create the most jaw-dropping looks wearing your favorite pair of comfy Converse sneakers! Thus, follow reading below and see how you can style Converse sneakers the best and achieve an […]

How to Nail Down the Cowgirl Style for Spring 2014

Old fashion always returns in a new way. Cowboy outfits began occupying a special place in your closet. There are gorgeous ways to nail down the cowgirl style for spring 2014, which will help you look trendy and modern. The cowgirl style combines Western elements and finds its inspiration from other styles, as well. Cowgirl […]

Simple Fashion Cheats and Tips to Appear Taller, If You Are Short

People, mainly females, who consider themselves to be short and are displeased with it should know one thing: “Everything is in your hands”. Be thankful of what God has given and know you can do a lot to decrease or increase your height. You are not going to get some inches more, but at least […]

Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy Spring 2014

Trying to get into that whole spring mood again? Well, we have some news that will warm up your hearts! Thus, finally we are officially announcing that the Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy Spring 2014 is already out! As you might have been noticed so far the Kardashians love presenting their line all by themselves which […]